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News Changes in Klas network!

Discussion in 'LocaCasino' started by PecataOG, Jun 17, 2016.

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    More and more poker networks are taking measures to preserve their games “ecology”.
    Some of the measures result in limiting players from bumhunting.

    PokerKlas network decided to not fall behind on the trends and brought some changes themselves.

    These changes affected the affiliate commission and bumhunting / fish hunting in general.

    1. Affiliate deals experienced a drop, and that resulted in lowering our Loca VIP deal

    2. Players are no longer allowed to “bumhunt” or “fishhunt”.
    In other words you should not open-sit a new table, if there is already an opened one with available seats.

    3. You should not refuse an action to other players.
    If you find yourself in a heads up game with an opponent that you’d not wish to play against – just stay and play for another 10 or 15 minutes before you leave the table.
    You should not sit out and stay at the table!

    The anti-reg policy and the rules against bumhunting are actually made for the better. The games will remain juicy and those players who stay at LocaCasino will definitely increase their winrate.

    Some of the regular players are already leaving Klas, which means that there is more fishes for you :).

    The new Anti-reg policy and saving the games “ecology” priority is indeed a good move.
    PokerKlas will regain its previous levels of weak player and will increase the fish to reg ratio in favor of the fishes.

    Please contact us at: grinders.vip@gmail.com or skype: grinders.org.vip to get more information about our new VIP deal at Loca!


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