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CCG Challenge

Discussion in 'BWIN' started by GrindEN, Apr 20, 2016.

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    What is Casual Cash Games tables?

    The CCG tables are much like the other online cash game tables but what makes them different is that these tables are only available for a single table play at a time which means that you should relax and enjoy your poker playing expirience on a single table.
    As a matter of fact all players that you meet at the CCG tables are actually sitting on a single Casual Cash table and chilling out with a casual game just like you!
    Playing the CCG games doesn't limit or restrict you from simultaneously playing at just any multi or single table tournament.

    Let's now check on the Casual Cash Games Challenge (CCG Challenge), you can grab bonuses up to $100!
    The more Casual Cash Games you play, the more consecutive days in a week you play, the more points you are collecting - the bigger prize you should win!

    Plees see it simplified in the table below:
    Four days in a week Seven days in a week
    1 point per day $5 poker bonus $10 poker bonus
    5 points per day $15 poker bonus $20 poker bonus
    25 points per day $35 poker bonus $40 poker bonus
    50 points per day $45 poker bonus $50 poker bonus
    100 points per day $75 poker bonus $100 poker bonus
    Here is how it works:

    If you collect between 6 and 24 Poker Points during four separate days in a week, you will earn a $15 bonus. If you collect 51 points during four days and one point each during the remaining three, you will get the $45 (4 days of 50 points) bonus instead of the $10 (7 days of one point) bonus. Each awarded bonus must be cleared during the following week.

    1. The Casual Cash Games Challenge starts weekly on Mondays at 00:00 (CET) and ends each following Sunday at 23:59 (CET) (the “Qualifying Week”).

    2. This promotion is open to all persons aged 18 and over hold a real-money account with the promoter.

    3. A real-money player is one who has deposited funds into their account

    4. The poker bonus will be issued into the player’s account the Monday after the qualifying week in which the poker bonus was earned.

    5. Each poker bonus is subject to individual wagering restrictions and must be cleared according to the bonus rules that can be found in the poker client in the “My account” section under the bonus tab.

    6. For each $1 bonus given through the Casual Cash Games Challenge, players must earn 10 points and the entire bonus will be released in increments.

    7. Players must opt in to each week but points will count retroactively for this week after the player has opted in, starting Mondays.

    8. Only points earned by playing at Casual Cash Games tables will count towards the Casual Cash Games Challenge.

    9. The poker bonus can only be redeemed at Casual Cash Games tables.

    10. Due to technical reasons, it is possible that the promotion will be visible on Mondays and players can opt in to the promotion even though this promotion will be cancelled on the Tuesday. In this case, all players who have opted in to the Casual Cash Games Challenge will receive the $5 poker bonus the following Monday.

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