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Bwin Members VIP Program

Discussion in 'BWIN' started by GrindEN, Apr 19, 2016.

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    Bwin`s Poker VIP program is called B`inside and it offers 3 different monthly VIP levels: Green (13.7% rakeback), White (15.5% rakeback) and Yellow (20% rakeback)

    Both the Status Points (SPs) and the Market Points (MPs) are awarded with 1 point for every €0.50 in generated rake in cash games or paid in tournament fees.

    SPs determine players monthly VIP level, while the MPs can be exchanged for cash bonuses or exclusive products in the Bwin loyalty market.

    Check out below for further information on the VIP levels:

    Status Green White Yellow
    Status Point limit 0 400 1,000
    Casino/Games bonus
    Monthly poker bonus limit 1 1 1
    Here comes the bonus builder.
    By collecting MPs you will be able to buy Cash Bonuses and in order to release them you will have to earn the corresponding amount of points for each purchased bonus.

    Please see in the table below:

    Bonus: MPs to Purchase: MPs to Release: Cashback:*
    €40 1,000 200 40%
    €125 2,500 625 40%
    €250 3500 1,250 40%
    €500 5,000 2,500 40%

    *effective cashback is lower due to the reason that you need to buy the bonus and then generate points to release it.

    Points will be credited to your account in real time after you finished a game.

    *Points per rake.
    Your rake contribution is calculated using a system called 'generated rake'. To calculate generated rake, we divide the total pot by the number of players who contributed to it. Then, we allocate you a proportion of the money, based on how much you contributed to the pot.

    **Points per tournament fee.


    *If the wager is in another currency, the points calculation will be based on EUR from the converted wager amount. The conversion is based on the foreign exchange rate (based on international bank rates) at the time of wager settlement.

    Note: After 12 weeks of inactivity 5% (minimum 5 Points) of your Market Points will expire every week.

    Bwin`s poker VIP program gives players points that can be exchanged for cash bonuses or exclusive products in the Bwin loyalty market. The more you play, the more points you will get in your account. See the prizes in the table below:

    Reward Requirement
    €5000 Poker bonus 60,000 Points
    €2000 Poker bonus 25,000 Points
    €1000 Poker bonus 12,500 Points
    €500 Poker bonus 6,750 Points
    €250 Poker bonus 4,125 Points
    €125 Poker bonus 2,500 Points
    €40 Poker bonus 1000 Points
    $215 ticket 8000 Points
    $109 ticket 4000 Points
    $11 ticket 400 Points
    $5,50 ticket 200 Points
    $2,20 ticket 80 Points
    $1,10 ticket 40 Points
    1 tournament dollar 40 Points
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