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Bounty Tournaments at TigerGaming

Discussion in 'Tigergaming' started by AstraLa, Jan 16, 2017.

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    Bounty Tournaments

    TigerGaming has introduced their brand new bounty tournaments.

    Every time you are responsible for knocking out another player, you will win the bounty that's on the player`s head!

    The bounty is added directly to your account.

    Daily schedule of bounty tournaments

    Hour Tournament Buy-in Bounty
    1 PM ET $1,000 GTD $6,60 $3
    4 PM ET $750 GTD $4.40 $2
    6 PM ET $2,500 GTD $11 $5
    8 PM ET $500 GTD $3.30 $1.50
    10 PM ET $3,000 GTD $13.20 $6

    Look for the "K" next to the tournament name!

    Terms and conditions:
    • All players will be required to pay their bounty when they enter the bounty tournament.
    • Only the player who wins the hand where another player is kicked out will win the bounty. Other players involved in the hand will not receive a bonus.
    • If more than one player wins the hand, they will split the kicked out players' bounty. In order for a player to win under these circumstances, the player will need to have more chips than the losing player at the start of the hand.
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