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Bad Beat Jackpot

Discussion in 'Triobet' started by Kristina, Jun 26, 2015.

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    Bad Beat Jackpot

    That’s right. Gone are the days when Lady Luck was cross with you and a Bad Beat deprived you of winning a load of cash. Now a Bad Beat may still lead to you losing the hand but more often than not you’ll find that securing a Bad Beat Jackpot is all worth it. Most of the time you’ll win a lot more through the Jackpot than through the hand itself.

    And in our revamped format, you don’t even need to be the one actually getting the Bad Beat. It’s enough for you to be there witnessing someone else getting it or in other words, you just need to be an active player in the hand when it happens.

    With big payouts and 100% of the pot being distributed amongst the players (there are no admin fees), it’s hard to disagree. Here’s a summary of how it all works:

    • The BBJ can be won whilst playing any game of Hold’em, as we’ve stopped having separate BBJ tables. As long as a player pays the 2c fee to opt-in, he/she is eligible to win the BBJ at any time.
    • You must be opted-in to receive any jackpot prize. In order to opt-in you have to change the preferences in the poker program: select Preferences - Global Table Options > Bad Beat Opt in.
    • There is no sort of admin fee to run the BBJ – 100% of it goes to the players.
    • THE BBJ is now paid out when a player loses a hand when he/she has 4-of-a-kind 2s (or better) rather than 4-of-a-kind 8s (or better), as it was before.
    • If the jackpot is triggered, everybody playing at the same stakes will win cash meaning players don’t even have to be involved to win a share of it. Players who were involved in the hand but folded also win a slice of the cash.
    • If you’re not opted in you won’t win anything, so it pays to always be opted-in!

    Qualifying hand 4-of-a-kind 2s
    Contribution €0.02 from every hand
    Tables Hold'em, €0.10/0.20 and up
    Payouts Players across the winning stake

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