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August Rake Races and promotions!

Discussion in 'Other Poker Rooms' started by Admin, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Admin

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    Rake Races
    Hey machines.

    July was really nice for Grinders.org, finally some activity at the forums and most offers have been going fine too, especially the ones for Microgaming rooms. Final updates for July's rake races and payouts should be completed next week.

    Congrats to l4stg4m3r who won our 10k euro Unibet rake race with style, raking over 11k euro :eek:. Results are not final but I doubt Yana89 (a very impressive runner up) has raked 5k on the last day heh.

    For August we'll keep promotions and races almost same like July with some minor changes, check below for details.

    Grinders.org - August '2010 Rake Races and Promotions:

    • €10 000 Grinders.org Rake Race
    • Grinders VIP program - the best one possible!
    • Unibet VIP shop where you can spend your VIP points

    • $1000 Deposit Bonus
    • Grinders Checkpoint Rake Race
    • VIP Club bonuses
    • VIP Shop

    • $600 Deposit Bonus
    • $4000 Rake Race (two $2000 races, 1-16 and 17-31 August)
    • Checkpoint Race
    We've been very close to increasing the prize money for this offer's rake races, in July some lag problems at iPoker prevented that but we feel it will happen soon.

    Paradise (Boss Media):
    • Grinders Rake Race - prize pool will be announced later today or tomorrow
    • 30% Rakeback
    • Deposit bonus and promotions
    This is the only offer where we feel disappointed for July and looking at the prize pool and at the points generated for the month I guess everyone realizes we'll have to shrink that race a bit.

    • Grinders Rake Race $1800
    • Deposit Bonus up to $2000
    • PropagandaPoker $5555 Loyalty race
    • Ongame Cashback
    • Betsafe August Points Race - 130k !!
    Ongame should now be a great place to play and this offer is one of the best you can find. Now with Betfair added to the network and the Essence rake method chasing away some of the regs, play should be even fishier than before.

    • Grinders Rake Race - will be announced asap
    • 30% Rakeback
    • 100% Deposit Bonus up to €500
    • 100% Reload Bonus up to €1000!
    • Three €50,000 Rake Races, 10 days each (network promotion)
    In July our players have reached the goal of 5000 total points and will get a double prizepool of €1000 instead of the guaranteed €500. Glad to see that offer picking up some speed.

    • 35% Rakeback, daily
    • $100 for every $500 raked - amazing promotion!
    • 100% Deposit Bonus up to $600
    • Reload Bonuses - 50% do $200
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    Are there recent rake offers available this year? Trying to find the best one for me. [​IMG]

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