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AKs vs defend

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by gavrosh, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. gavrosh

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    History for hand R5-96905825-212
    Start hand: Sat Nov 13 15:32:44 GMT+0200 2010
    Table: Zamboanga 96905825 (NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $0.25/$0.50 , Real money)
    User: Hero
    Button: seat 1
    Players in round: 5
    Seat 3: Mr CoCoBean ($61.46)
    Seat 4: ecky ($75.31)
    Seat 5: ziggi87 ($52.97)
    Seat 9: Thebelgariad ($57.67)
    Seat 1: Hero ($52.71)
    Mr CoCoBean posts small blind ($0.25)
    ecky posts big blind ($0.50)
    Dealing pocket cards
    Dealing to Hero: :Ac: :Kc:
    ziggi87 folds
    Thebelgariad folds
    Hero raises $1.50 to $1.50
    Mr CoCoBean raises $2.75 to $3
    ecky folds
    Hero calls $1.50

    :6s: :Qs: :Kh:
    Mr CoCoBean bets $3.25
    Hero calls $3.25

    Mr CoCoBean bets $9.75
    Hero calls $9.75

    Mr CoCoBean bets $45.46 all in
    Hero calls $36.71 all in
    Main pot: $105.92 won by Mr CoCoBean ($104.42)
    Rake taken: $1.50
    Seat 3: Mr CoCoBean ($113.17) , net: +$51.71 , :Td: :Th: (STRAIGHT ACE)
    Seat 4: ecky ($74.81) , net: -$0.50
    Seat 5: ziggi87 ($52.97)
    Seat 9: Thebelgariad ($57.67)
    Seat 1: Hero ($0) , net: -$52.71
    End of hand R5-96905825-212

    I have only 150 hands for the opponent: 30/20, 12% 3bet: he just 3bet my D open 2 times in the last hands. I considered 4betting for a sec, but preferred playing suited in position postfop. Villian also has pretty small agg freq: less than 20% (its probably bad sample because of me and the maniac after him).

    I couldn't really put him on a range on the flop, but I thought AQ, KQ, JJ are possible and QQ isn't very likely. I hated the turn, but I still thought I could get value from any 2 pair if I hit A or K on river. On river I figured he just cant have any T (as JT or QT) and I was quite surprised at the showdown.

    So what's the way to play this against such a weird player? (very aggressive preflop, maybe passive post)
  2. jully

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    easy 4bet get in with that history

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