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Discussion in 'Poker Hands' started by shoma, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. shoma

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    Poker Hands:
    NL Holdem $0.20(BB) Replayer Game#3607950246

    MastaVinyl ($30.74)
    btugalover_ ($25.78)
    no_luck_ ($9.41)
    tomten12 ($1.36)
    EpicScore ($39.67)
    andyharris ($25.26)

    MastaVinyl posts (SB) $0.10
    btugalover_ posts (BB) $0.20

    Dealt to MastaVinyl Ac Qc
    tomten12 calls $0.20
    EpicScore raises to $1
    andyharris calls $1
    MastaVinyl raises to $4.30
    fold, fold,
    EpicScore calls $3.30
    FLOP ($10) 3s 4h Kd
    MastaVinyl bets $5
    EpicScore calls $5
    TURN ($20) 3s 4h Kd Ah
    MastaVinyl bets $10
    EpicScore calls $10
    RIVER ($40) 3s 4h Kd Ah 3h

    He is a reg that likes to pre flop call w low suited connectors and other weird stuff vs me, he does not believe me. He steals 21% from CO and folds 82% vs resteal. In this case I insta cbet the turn and my plan was to think a lot and to get all in on allmost any river...On the other hand He must have a hand to call 2 streets... AK 33,44,34s and AK beat me here. How would you play the turn, river?
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