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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by gavrosh, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. gavrosh

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    History for hand R5-98028475-297
    Start hand: Thu Nov 18 12:42:27 GMT+0200 2010
    Table: Burbank 98028475 (NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $0.25/$0.50 , Real money)
    User: Hero
    Button: seat 10
    Players in round: 5
    Seat 1: Hero ($48)
    Seat 4: steppenwulff ($50.57)
    Seat 8: Folding4Food ($134.90)
    Seat 9: jennifer250 ($54.06)
    Seat 10: _KnockOut_ ($57.29)
    Hero posts small blind ($0.25)
    steppenwulff posts big blind ($0.50)
    Dealing pocket cards
    Dealing to Hero: :Ac: :Jc:
    Folding4Food raises $1.75 to $1.75
    jennifer250 folds
    _KnockOut_ folds
    Hero calls $1.50
    steppenwulff calls $1.25

    :2c: :Js: :2s:
    Hero checks
    steppenwulff bets $4
    Folding4Food calls $4
    Hero raises $20 to $20
    steppenwulff folds
    Folding4Food raises $61.25 to $65.25
    Hero calls $26.25 all in

    :2c: :Js: :2s:


    Main pot: $101.75 won by Folding4Food ($100.25)
    Rake taken: $1.50
    Seat 1: Hero ($0) , net: -$48 , :Ac: :Jc: (TWO_PAIR JACK , TWO)
    Seat 4: steppenwulff ($44.82) , net: -$5.75
    Seat 8: Folding4Food ($187.15) , net: +$52.25 , :2d: :2h: (FOUR_OF_A_KIND TWO)
    Seat 9: jennifer250 ($54.06)
    Seat 10: _KnockOut_ ($57.29)
    End of hand R5-98028475-297

    BB is reg with 17% vpip in this position , little info on OR but he seems a bit tight. after the BB donk on flop I fugure he has no deuces in his range and therefore can't beat me , I put him on something like AJ QJ JT. with the OR calling , I know he can't have QQ+ , he could be fd (+ overs?) and he doesn't mind seeing turn. I figure I have the best hands almost always and I should raise. Is the thinking process ok , and should I just shove it?

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