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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by neveroddoreven, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. neveroddoreven

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    BPF Champ

    Trophy Points:
    +96 / 2 / -7
    Poker Hands:
    Starting Hand #21399988-1206
    tom639 is the Dealer
    Shuffling Cards
    bigedc Posted Small Blind $0.10
    stache67380 Posted Big Blind $0.25
    Dealing Cards
    You Were Dealt (8s, 8c)
    segev755 Calls $0.25
    stillneveroddoreven Raised to $1.00
    nastyfrog Calls $1.00
    tom639 Calls $1.00
    bigedc Folds
    stache67380 Calls $0.75
    segev755 Calls $0.75
    Dealing Flop (4h,9s,8h)
    stache67380 Checks
    segev755 Checks
    stillneveroddoreven Bets $3.00
    nastyfrog Raised to $9.00
    tom639 Folds
    stache67380 Folds
    segev755 Folds
    stillneveroddoreven All In
    nastyfrog All In
    stillneveroddoreven Shows (8s, 8c)
    nastyfrog Shows (4d, 4c)
    Dealing Turn (4s)
    Dealing River (3s)
    stillneveroddoreven> lol..
    stillneveroddoreven Wins $25.20 from Pot 2 with : Full House - Eights over Fours
    nastyfrog Wins $42.62 from Pot 1 with : Four of a Kind Fours

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