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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by Lakov, Apr 7, 2010.

  1. Lakov

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    Starting game 5725498007.

    Lakov69 is at seat 2 with 2 ,585.
    futyi1984 is at seat 3 with 2 ,105.
    dottore_f is at seat 6 with 7 ,125.
    SupPrestige is at seat 8 with 3 ,185.

    The dealer is seat 8.

    Lakov69 posts a blind of 60.
    futyi1984 posts a blind of 120.

    (Lakov69 is dealt :9s: :Ac:)

    dottore_f calls for 120.
    SupPrestige folds.
    Lakov69 calls for 60.
    futyi1984 checks.

    The flop comes
    :9h: :9d: :4s:

    Lakov69 checks.
    futyi1984 checks.
    dottore_f checks.

    The turn comes :5d:

    Lakov69 bets 120.
    futyi1984 calls for 120.
    dottore_f folds.

    The river comes :9c:

    Lakov69 bets 240.
    futyi1984 calls for 240.


    Lakov69 shows:
    :9s: :Ac:
    :9h: :9d: :9c: :9s: :Ac:
    Four Nines

    futyi1984 mucks. :)6h: :4h:)
    Lakov69 wins pot (1 ,080).
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2010

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