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Discussion in 'Poker Hands' started by caiko, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. caiko

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    Poker Hands:
    Hand History for Game 538702454335 (On Game)
    $100.00 USD PL Omaha - Wednesday , March 24 , 03:16:15 ET 2010
    Table Wichita (Real Money)
    Seat 9 is the button
    Seat 1: edotheking ( $277.20 USD )
    Seat 3: hayastan9 ( $108.15 USD )
    Seat 7: tibidcp ( $89.05 USD )
    Seat 8: Hero ( $122.45 USD )
    Seat 9: chmoosi ( $344.90 USD )
    edotheking posts small blind $1.00 .
    hayastan9 posts big blind $1.00 .

    Dealt to Hero: :9s: :8s: :7c: :6d:
    tibidcp folds
    Hero raises $4.00
    chmoosi calls $4.00
    edotheking calls $3.00
    hayastan9 calls $3.00

    FLOP ($16.00)
    :Jd: :6s: :7s:
    edotheking checks
    hayastan9 bets $16.00
    Hero raises $64.00
    chmoosi folds
    edotheking folds
    hayastan9 raises $88.15
    Hero calls $40.15

    TURN ($224.30)

    RIVER ($224.30)
    hayastan9 wins $221.30 USD from main pot
    hayastan9 shows :Jh: :Jc: :4c: :Ts:
    Hero shows :9s: :8s: :7c: :6d:
  2. Botafogo

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    I have noticed that you tend to play some low flush draws very fast on flop, which you should be carefull with. Obviously 2pair+FD+openender is a monster in PLO in a vacuum. But don't be too hasty to get it in in any situation. First, of all when guy leads into 3ppl for pot he always has sets or top2, no other hands make sense to lead here into 3 ppl. Here is your equity vs such a range:

    board: Jd6s7s
    Hand Equity Wins Ties
    9s8s7c6h 48.50% 289,065 3,858
    JJ**, 77**, 66**, J7** 51.50% 307,077 3,858

    So, you are flipping and if you were heads up it would be fine to just stack off on the flop, but you have 2 players behind and you don't know if someone is not going to wake up with a pair+higher FD like AJxx with spades, or something like 89TJ with J of spades, and with your FD outs being covered your hand is basically a 6 outer to a straight (3outs of which are not to the nut straight, so you are dominated with any 98Tx combo), and maybe 2 outs to the straightflush if noone is holdin Ts or 5s.

    If I was playing this hand, I would just call flop to see what players behind do. If there is very heavy action with someone behind going allin and BB also shipping, I would probably fold. YOu have position, so it is always better to use it and just flat. Getting a hand like taht allin on flop is much better OOP, because it is harded to play off when you hit OOP, and by getting it in on flop you ensure that you realize your equity. In position,though, you should always call more often because you will have more oportunities to bluff if he checks turn, or to check back and see a safe card, or when you hit he will certainly c/c at least one street, because he led flop for full pot so he definetely has a strong hand.

    So, don't be too hasty and crazy with lower FDs and people behind you when someone already shows strenght on flop. Use your position and flat and reevaluate turn. Most of the time you will have odds to call a turn bet as well in position and river will be easy to play. If you miss an he bets, you fold and you don't loose your whole stack, if you hit and he checks, you bet and get paid quite often because his strong hand and his pot odds will be too compelling to fold often. If you miss and he checks you can bluff some cards if you like such as a 3, a 4, or if turn comes Q and river K etc. Use your position in PLO as much as you can, it is the MOST important weapon you have.

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