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Discussion in 'Poker Hands' started by beanit, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. beanit

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    Well-Known Member

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    Poker Hands:
    PL Omaha $0.25(BB) Prima Game#3278214707

    Petra_czech ($42.04)
    Sir_Juut ($60.94)
    FYIIMLOL ($243)
    ZiPdAHoE ($60.83)
    Hero ($63.14)
    RACH ($49)

    Petra_czech posts (SB) $0.25
    Sir_Juut posts (BB) $0.50
    Hero posts (BB) $0.25

    Dealt to Hero: :9h: :Ad: :5d: :5h:
    fold , fold ,
    Hero calls $0.25
    fold ,
    Petra_czech raises to $2
    fold ,
    Hero calls $1.50

    ($4.50) :5c: :Qd: :Ah:
    Petra_czech checks
    Hero bets $3.25
    Petra_czech calls $3.25

    ($11) :5c: :Qd: :Ah: :2d:
    Petra_czech bets $5.50
    Hero raises to $14.75
    Petra_czech raises to $36.54
    Hero calls $21.79

    ($84.08) :5c: :Qd: :Ah: :2d: :4h:
    Hero shows :9h: :Ad: :5d: :5h:
    (Pre 46% , Flop 23.8% , Turn 30.0%)

    Petra_czech shows :Ks: :Qh: :Qc: :6c:
    (Pre 54% , Flop 76.2% , Turn 70.0%)

    Petra_czech wins $81.08
  2. Botafogo

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    Well-Known Member

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    Poker Hands:
    Again, use your position. It is not excluded that he slowplayed AAxx on flop and is now leading, or that he has random 3456 type of hand. You have a great hand on turn, but if you raise and guy pushes allin you are not in the best shape:

    board: 5cqcAh2d
    Hand Equity Wins Ties
    5h5dad9h 41.68% 250,005 169
    QQ**, AA**, 34**, AQ**, A2**, QJdTd* 58.32% 349,826 169

    AS you can see we are 40-60 vs a range that includes some 2pair hands, and some weaker pair+FD, so we are not that happy. You are getting great odds on turn, so call and keep your position and your options open for the river. YOu are rarely going to get it in as a big favorite on turn if you raise and he pushes his stack in the middle.

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