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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by dechana, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. dechana

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    Poker Hands:
    haszasa is at seat 0 with $2.31.
    kapucnyi is at seat 1 with $2.90.
    Sawyer_108 is at seat 2 with $1.06.
    huygens1966 is at seat 3 with $1.55.
    badbeat365 is at seat 4 with $2.06.

    The dealer is seat 2.

    huygens1966 posts a blind of $0.01.
    badbeat365 posts a blind of $0.02.

    (badbeat365 is dealt :8c: Jc.)

    haszasa folds.
    kapucnyi folds.
    Sawyer_108 raises $0.05.
    huygens1966 calls for $0.06.
    badbeat365 calls for $0.05.

    The flop comes
    :Jd: :3d: 8s.

    huygens1966 checks.
    badbeat365 bets $0.21.
    Sawyer_108 raises $0.63.
    huygens1966 folds.
    badbeat365 raises $0.63.
    Sawyer_108 goes all-in for $0.15.
    $0.48 is pushed back to Hero


    badbeat365 shows:
    :8c: :Jc:
    :Jd: :Jc: :8s: :8c: :3d:
    Two Pair , Jacks and Eights

    BOLDON Sawyer_108 shows:
    :Td: :Qd: BOLDOFF
    BOLDON :Qd: :Jd: :Td: :8s: :3d: BOLDOFF
    BOLDON Queen high BOLDOFF

    The turn comes 9d.
    The river comes 8d.

    badbeat365 shows:
    :8c: :Jc:
    :8s: :8d: :8c: :Jd: :Jc:
    Full House , Eights over Jacks

    BOLDON Sawyer_108 shows:
    :Td: :Qd: BOLDOFF
    BOLDON :Qd: :Jd: :Td: :9d: :8d: BOLDOFF
    BOLDON Straight Flush , Queen high Diamonds BOLDOFF

    BOLDON Sawyer_108 wins pot ($2.05). BOLDOFF

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