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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by pirinss, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. pirinss

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    6.11.2012 г. 20:49:59 ч. - Round 294602431 starts
    grrrrrr is seated with €42.50
    zaiobaio is seated with €165.16
    felsio is seated with €140.85
    Emulgator57 is seated with €34.47
    Suitedkenny is seated with €50.97
    J o K e R is seated with €34.23
    gattofuori is seated with €43.55
    F. Inzaghi is seated with €44.84
    grrrrrr Posts small blind of €0.25
    zaiobaio Posts big blind of €0.50
    Dealing cards
    zaiobaio: :7s: :8s:
    Emulgator57 Folds
    Suitedkenny Raises to Hero
    J o K e R Folds
    gattofuori Calls Hero
    F. Inzaghi Folds
    felsio Calls Hero
    grrrrrr Folds
    zaiobaio Calls €1.25
    Flop: :6h: :4h: :5c:
    zaiobaio Checks
    Suitedkenny Checks
    gattofuori Bets €2.50
    felsio Folds
    zaiobaio Raises to €7.50
    Suitedkenny Folds
    gattofuori Calls €5.00
    Turn: :6h: :4h: :5c: :7c:
    zaiobaio Checks
    gattofuori Bets €5.00
    zaiobaio Raises to €25.00
    gattofuori Calls €20.00
    River: :6h: :4h: :5c: :7c: :6d:
    zaiobaio Checks
    gattofuori Bets €9.30 (all-in)
    zaiobaio Calls €9.30
    gattofuori shows :6s: :7h: (Full house , Sixes full of Sevens)
    zaiobaio shows :7s: :8s: (Straight , Eight high)
    gattofuori wins the main pot of €86.31 with Full house , Sixes full of Sevens

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