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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by h0rNe7, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. h0rNe7

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    Hand # 5354016648 starting - 2014-08-07 15:31:31
    Juan - €100 Max Omaha (0.50|1 PL - Cash Game) Real Money

    BoomPikaBoom sitting in seat 1 with €100.00 Dealer
    sukhofrukt sitting in seat 2 with €219.26
    30FootFall sitting in seat 3 with €250.65
    galenville sitting in seat 4 with €297.04
    Hero sitting in seat 5 with €208.33
    mrcavalier sitting in seat 6 with €127.48
    sukhofrukt posted the small blind - €0.50
    30FootFall posted the big blind - €1.00

    Dealing cards to Hero: :7d: :Ac: :Qc: :3d:
    galenville folded
    Hero raised to €3.50
    mrcavalier folded
    BoomPikaBoom called - €3.50
    sukhofrukt folded
    30FootFall folded

    :Ks: :2d: :9c:
    Hero checked
    BoomPikaBoom checked

    Hero checked
    BoomPikaBoom checked

    Hero checked
    BoomPikaBoom checked
    Hero shows:
    :7d: :Ac: :Qc: :3d:
    BoomPikaBoom shows:
    :4s: :4h: :4c: :4d:
    BoomPikaBoom wins €8.08 from the main pot

    Rake: €0.42

    nqkoi ako se razpoznawa w tozi oligofren da mi pishe pls

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