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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by BuTTerfly3Fec7, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. BuTTerfly3Fec7

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    Poker Hands:
    game id="30181613-91" starttime="20101219030336" numholecards="2" gametype="2" realmoney="true" data="20101219|Statue of Liberty (30181613)|30181613|30181613-91|false"
    players dealer="5"
    player seat="3" nickname="DiegoT2" balance="$237.00" dealtin="true" /
    player seat="2" nickname="wh0cares99" balance="$174.34" dealtin="true" /
    player seat="1" nickname="underdog8" balance="$191.70" dealtin="true" /
    player seat="0" nickname="JessieK" balance="$225.50" dealtin="true" /
    player seat="5" nickname="52inchvertical" balance="$277.83" dealtin="true" /
    player seat="4" nickname="CptnMidnight911" balance="$289.90" dealtin="true" /
    round id="BLINDS" sequence="1"
    event sequence="1" type="SMALL_BLIND" timestamp="1292745814402" player="0" amount="1.00"/
    event sequence="2" type="BIG_BLIND" timestamp="1292745814739" player="1" amount="2.00"/
    round id="PRE
    " sequence="2"
    event sequence="3" type="RAISE" timestamp="1292745818307" player="2" amount="6.00"/
    event sequence="4" type="FOLD" timestamp="1292745820315" player="3"/
    event sequence="5" type="RAISE" timestamp="1292745823087" player="4" amount="10.00"/
    event sequence="6" type="FOLD" timestamp="1292745829555" player="5"/
    event sequence="7" type="FOLD" timestamp="1292745834636" player="0"/
    event sequence="8" type="CALL" timestamp="1292745853494" player="1" amount="8.00"/
    event sequence="9" type="RAISE" timestamp="1292745866645" player="2" amount="41.00"/
    event sequence="10" type="CALL" timestamp="1292745871594" player="4" amount="31.00"/
    event sequence="11" type="CALL" timestamp="1292745874145" player="1" amount="31.00"/
    cards type="HOLE" cards="Ad ,Ac" player="2" hand="Pair of Aces"/
    round id="POST
    " sequence="3"
    event sequence="12" type="ALL_IN" timestamp="1292745880360" player="1" amount="150.70"/
    event sequence="13" type="ALL_IN" timestamp="1292745882447" player="2" amount="133.34"/
    event sequence="14" type="CALL" timestamp="1292745888986" player="4" amount="150.70"/
    event sequence="15" type="SHOW" timestamp="1292745888986" player="1"/
    event sequence="16" type="SHOW" timestamp="1292745888986" player="2"/
    event sequence="17" type="SHOW" timestamp="1292745888986" player="4"/
    cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="Jd :7c: ,9c" hand="Pair of Aces"/
    cards type="SHOWN" cards="Jc ,3c" player="1"/
    cards type="SHOWN" cards="Ad ,Ac" player="2"/
    cards type="SHOWN" cards="Kd ,Kh" player="4"/
    round id="POST
    " sequence="4"
    cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="Jd :7c: :9c: ,Ks" hand="Pair of Aces"/
    round id="POST
    " sequence="5"
    cards type="COMMUNITY" cards="Jd :7c: :9c: :Ks: ,8d" hand="Pair of Aces"/
    round id="END_OF_GAME" sequence="6"
    winner amount="34.53" uncalled="false" potnumber="2" player="4" hand="Three of a Kind Kings" pottype="n"/
    winner amount="521.21" uncalled="false" potnumber="1" player="4" hand="Three of a Kind Kings" pottype="n"/

    do koga beee da vi ebaaaa maikataaa

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