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Discussion in 'Poker Hands' started by caiko, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. caiko

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    Poker Hands:
    Hand History for Game 546027083593 (On Game)
    $50.00 USD PL Omaha - Tuesday , April 20 , 03:40:30 ET 2010
    Table Koblenz (Real Money)
    Seat 7 is the button
    Seat 8: kjpa ( $81.10 USD )
    Seat 9: Hero ( $50.00 USD )
    Seat 5: KimPAO ( $198.05 USD )
    Seat 7: TT_KING_nr1 ( $64.55 USD )
    kjpa posts small blind $0.50 .
    Hero posts big blind $0.50 .

    Dealt to Hero: :5h: :As: :Ac: :4d:
    KimPAO raises $2.00
    TT_KING_nr1 folds
    kjpa calls $1.50
    Hero raises $7.50
    KimPAO calls $6.00
    kjpa calls $6.00

    FLOP ($24.00)
    :3d: :7h: :Ks:
    kjpa checks
    Hero bets $18.00
    KimPAO raises $78.00
    kjpa folds
    Hero calls $24.00

    TURN ($144.00)

    RIVER ($144.00)
    KimPAO wins $106.00 USD from main pot
    Hero shows :5h: :As: :Ac: :4d:
    KimPAO shows :4c: :5s: :7d: :3c:
    KimPAO wins $36.00 USD
  2. Botafogo

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    With the gutshot that you have it is fine to stack off on this flop. However I wouldn't raise these crappy Aces from the blinds actually, because you cannot get enough of your stack preflop, and you are almsot alwyas guaranteed 2 callers, and you will be OOP, and with rainbow aces with low side cards you cannot hit enough good flops. You don't always have to raise AAxx in PLO. In NLHE it is normal to always raise AA, because you are ahead by far vs any random hand. In PLO, your aces are often about 60-40, so you cannot gain enough advantage by raising them preflop, if they are not suited and connected enough. Always look at your SPR and your position before you decide to raise praflop. If you are thinking of raising but you don't feel like you will be comfortable playing postflop, then don't raise. Raise crappy Aces if you can get 30% of your stack preflop, ebcause then it will be easy to autoship almsot any flop with enough Equity vs range. If you cannot get 30% of stack preflop and you will find yourself OOP postflop vs 1-2 opponents, just flat them and play for set or overpair value on safe boards.

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