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50PLO strong hand multiway flop play

Discussion in 'Omaha Hand Discussion' started by ytricky, May 6, 2010.

  1. ytricky

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    Hand History for Game 3307874802 (Prima)
    $50.00 USD PL Omaha - Wednesday , May 05 , 09:27:24 ET 2010
    Table Montano 2 (Real Money)
    Seat 1 is the button
    Seat 1: Dzunglipoiss ( $57.07 USD )
    Seat 2: crrazzzy_pl ( $93.11 USD )
    Seat 3: -milkfish- ( $11.12 USD )
    Seat 4: Hero ( $53.48 USD )
    Seat 5: runnar ( $56.56 USD )
    Seat 6: ufud91 ( $130.35 USD )
    crrazzzy_pl posts small blind $0.25 .
    -milkfish- posts big blind $0.50 .

    Dealt to Hero: :Jd: :Th: :Ad: :5h:
    Hero raises $1.75
    runnar folds
    ufud91 calls $1.75
    Dzunglipoiss calls $1.75
    crrazzzy_pl calls $1.50
    -milkfish- calls $1.25

    FLOP ($8.75)
    :9s: :Td: :5d:
    crrazzzy_pl checks
    -milkfish- checks

    I know preflop is kind of bad or maybe not?. So question here is, how to play the hand best. Do we like a checkraise check/call or donk/3bet. Donk 3betting is good because we dont have to worry about bad straigh completing turn cards, on the other hand there are also alot of good turn cards, that can come. I think any AT5 or diamond will make it really easy to play also any 4,3 or 2 makes a good turn bet. My concern with this is if our hand is strong enough to really like to get it in here on the flop.

    Check/raise probably traps alot of dead money, but people a pretty passive so we can not count on a bet. This also takes away our turn and river play concerns if anyone bets a significant size.
    Check/call is is the safest line, and might trap alot of draws that we dominate if we hit on the turn.
  2. Botafogo

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    2pair+the nutFD is a monster in PLO. Basically you are 40% even vs 99, so your hand is good enough to bet and get it in on the flop. Since you have a T and a 5 it is very unlikely anyone has TT or 55, so I would just bet and stack off. The main reason it is better to bet here, rather then check call is that you hold the NUTFD, which is very powerful in a multiway flop on such a drawy board. You will get called by worse FDs, and by a ton of wraps, which are in very bad shape because you have a lot of their outs covered. So, you want to bet flop to charge them and also build the pot by the river, so when they hit their straight with a diamond or when a diamond falls and they have the K or Q high flush, they will be too committed to find a fold on the river.

    So, If players behind you are aggressive and semibluff a lot, I choose a c/r because once you check this drawy flop they will see that as weakness and stab at the pot. If players behind are passive and call with many weak draws I bet flop to charge them and build the pot.

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