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50 NL - KK ip against fish

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by kadinov, May 23, 2010.

  1. kadinov

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    Hand History for Game 3340283920 (Prima)
    $50.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Sunday , May 23 , 02:34:52 ET 2010
    Table Bosworth Field (Real Money)
    Seat 2 is the button
    Seat 1: rhapz ( $50.00 USD )
    Seat 2: Lucky420euro ( $78.36 USD )
    Seat 3: Hero ( $50.25 USD )
    Seat 4: przemollo ( $68.46 USD )
    Seat 5: mirrormatch ( $12.79 USD )
    Seat 6: B_TJIO ( $53.87 USD )
    Hero posts small blind $0.25 .
    przemollo posts big blind $0.50 .

    Dealt to Hero: :Kc: :Kd:
    mirrormatch folds
    B_TJIO folds
    Lucky420euro calls $0.50
    Hero raises $2.25
    przemollo folds
    Lucky420euro calls $2.00

    FLOP ($5.50)
    :Th: :7c: :Jc:
    Hero bets $4.50
    Lucky420euro calls $4.50

    TURN ($14.50)
    Hero bets $12.00
    Lucky420euro calls $12.00

    RIVER ($38.50)
    Hero bets $10.00
    Lucky420euro folds
    Hero wins $46.58 USD from main pot

    Lucky420euro is a 84/5 fish from 300 hands sample.
    Fold to Cbet 30%
    Would you bet the river, what size?
  2. effectX

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    Is he aggressive or passive postflop? If he's passive call station, which he prob is, the street to get value is the turn when the draws miss, so potbet or overbet turn. He's not gonna fold fd or tp anyway, so bet turn like 14-18, and on the river the pot will be rly big and u can bet whatever u want or c/c,c/f.
  3. Wonderful

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    I shove here vs 84/5
    if hes not stackong off light i like ur line
  4. Zografa

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    you can even just POT the flop and turns - board is really wet and he is going to call you with a lots of hands.
    if he calls your pot bets and this river comes you just put him allin.

    as played i dont know what is your plan with that river size? do you fold to a shove? do you want to induce a shove? if you think he calls this with Jx bet bigger.

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