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€50,000 Sit & Go Booty

Discussion in 'PKR' started by GrindEN, Apr 27, 2016.

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    Did you get ready for the PKRs Sit & Go Booty massive leaderboard prize pools?

    It begins at 09:00 GMT 8 April and will not end until €40,000 has been paid out!

    There is enhanced prize pool with cash for every qualifying Sit & Go, and unlimited number of SnG games that you can play.

    You can find a Booty Sit & Go in the Sit & Go lobby - their names use the format "[75c Added!] Turbo".

    €10,000 leaderboard
    Every time you win a prize in a qualifying SnG - you are earning leaderboard points too. How much points will be earned depends on your Sit&Go buy-in

    You can find the Leaderboard prizes in the table below:
    Position Prize
    1 €1,000
    2 €750
    3 €600
    4 €400
    5 €200
    6 €150
    7 €125
    8 €100
    9 €75
    10 €50
    11-20 €40
    21-50 €35
    51-80 €30
    81-120 €25
    121-180 €20
    181-240 €15
    241-290 €10
    291-370 €5
    371-450 €2.50

    * 1 point per € of buy-in for Regular games (eg. 10 points earned when you cash in a €10 Sit & Go)

    * 0.5 points per € of buy-in for Heads Up games (eg. 5 points earned when you cash in a €10 Heads Up Sit & Go)

    1. The promotion runs from approximately 09:00 GMT on the 8th April 2016 until €50,000 has been spent on added prizes (not including the leader board prizes).

    2. Cash will be added to the prize pool of specific Sit & Go tournaments, which will be designated in the lobby. Only the designated tournaments are part of this promotion.

    3. For the avoidance of doubt, Double Up, Flip, Satellite, private, operator-specific, or non-Euro currency Sit & Gos are not included in the promotion.

    4. Added money is cash with no restrictions, and is added to the regular prize pool of the tournament.

    5. Leader board points are received only for promotional SNGs where the player receives a cash prize and leader board points are equal to the buy in (not including the fee) for the SNG. Half the points are awarded for heads up SNGs.

    6. Leader board prizes will be paid within 5 days of the promotion ending.

    7. In case there is a tie between players in the leader board, the prizes will be divided equally among the tied players.

    8. If a Sit & Go is cancelled for any reason, then the added prize will not be refunded or issued in compensation.

    9. PKR reserves the rights to cancel or amend any instance of any network tournament at any time.

    10. No alternative prizes will be offered.

    11. You may not create more than one account with your poker room. If you do, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of all your accounts.

    12. If you collude or otherwise behave unethically at any time, you will forfeit all prizes and you risk closure of your account.

    13. PKR reserves the rights to withdraw the promotion at any time.

    14. In addition to these rules, all of the normal network rules and your poker room’s Terms and Conditions also apply.

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