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$50,000 Mission Possible

Discussion in 'PKR' started by Kristina, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Kristina

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    This promotion is not active!

    Reaching your targets at other poker rooms might mean a small cash reward - nice, but will it by you that new car?

    Complete your PKR Point Missions this July at PKR Poker for your seat in our '$50,000 Mission Possible' tournament with a $10,000 first prize!

    What's my target?
    We emailed your three personal PKR Points targets to you on Wednesday 01 July. Can't find it? Check your junk folder or contact Live Support and we'll tell you your targets.

    Stage Target Chips Priority registration
    Mission 1 See email 2,500 No
    Mission 2 See email 5,000 Yes
    Mission 3 See email 10,000 Yes

    Don't miss out
    Completing Mission 2 to unlock priority registration is the only way to guarantee your seat in our $50,000 Mission Possible event, which takes place at 18:00 GMT on Sunday 09 August! Once you've completed Mission 2 you can register, while players who only complete Mission 1 will unlock registration at 18:00 GMT on Thursday 06 August.

    Note: Players must register for the tournament via PC or MAC software, although it can be played on any supported mobile device.
    Daily lottery freeroll
    Want another route into our $50,000 event? We're giving away 300 seats for free via daily lotteries at 18:30 GMT! Earn at least 1 PKR Point on any day in July and you'll unlock entry to the following day's lottery freeroll where the top 10 finishers win their place - and a 2,500 starting stack - in the $50,000 event. Qualify via this route and you'll be able to register from Tuesday 04 August.

    Tournament prizes

    Position Prize
    1 $10,000
    2 $6,000
    3 $4,000
    4 $3,000
    5 $2,000
    6 $2,000
    7 $1,500
    8 $1,500
    9 $1,250
    10 $1,000
    11-15 $750
    16-20 $500
    21-25 $250
    26-40 $150
    41-60 $100
    61-80 $75
    81-100 $50
    101-125 $30
    126-150 $20
    151-200 $15
    201-300 $10
    301-400 $5

    1. This promotion is open to all new and existing PKR players eligible to play real money games.
    2. The qualification period runs from 01 July 00:00 GMT to 31 July 23:59 GMT.
    3. The ‘$50,000 Mission Possible’ tournament will take place on 09 August at 18:00 GMT.
    4. Each player’s personal PKR Point targets have been sent by email on 01 July or the same day of account registration if later than this date. Players can also contact Live Support to request their targets. Only PKR Points earned by playing real money tournaments and ring games will count towards this promotion.
    5. Each player’s starting stack in the '$50,000 Mission Possible' tournament will be determined by how many Missions they complete. Players must complete Mission 1 to qualify for the tournament:
    a) Complete Mission 1 to qualify and start the tournament with 2,500 chips.
    b) Complete Mission 2 to start the tournament with 5,000 chips.
    c) Complete Mission 3 to start the tournament with 10,000 chips.
    6. Players who complete Mission 2 can register for the tournament from the day after completing this mission. If they also complete Mission 3 after registering for the tournament their starting stack amount will be updated the day after completing this mission.
    7. Players who complete only Mission 1 can register for the tournament from 06 August 18:00 GMT. Tournament entries will be allocated on a first come first served basis up to the capacity of 4,000 players, therefore entry cannot be guaranteed for players who only complete Mission 1.
    8. Players who finish in the top 10 of any daily ‘Mission Possible Lottery’ will also qualify for the ‘$50,000 Mission Possible’ tournament and will start the tournament with 2,500 chips. Lottery winners can register for the tournament from 04 August 18:00 GMT.
    9. PKR reserves the right to alter any details of this promotion.
    10. In the event of any dispute, the decision of PKR poker management is final.

    This promotion is not active!


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