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$5,275 Weekly SNG Leaderboard Challenge

Discussion in 'Tigergaming' started by Mariya, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Mariya

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    TigerGaming has announced their new promotion-$5,275 weekly Sit ’n Go Leaderboard Challenge.

    Play in Sit 'n Go tournaments to earn points and earn prizes.

    To see how many points you'll earn for each tournament you play, see the tables below:


    Terms and conditions
    1. Tournament leaderboards are divided in two main groups.
    2. The two main groups classify what kind of tournament it is, and these are either one of the following: Multi-table Scheduled Tournaments (MTT's), Single-table Sit 'n Go Tournaments (STT's).
    3. All tables sizes count towards the leaderboard unless stated otherwise.
    4. One Comp Point earns one point on the leaderboard.
    5. The weekly leaderboard runs from Sundays at 20:01pm ET through to 20:00pm ET on the following Sunday.
    6. This promotion is only applicable for Sit 'n Go tournaments (STT's).
    7. Points are added based on the tournament finish time, so if a tournament starts at 23:00 ET on Sunday, if the tournament only finishes on Monday, it will count towards your points for the following week.
    8. Prizes will be distributed according to the prize payout table.
    9. The positions of the players on the STT leaderboards on Sunday at 20:00pm ET determines the compensation to be paid out.
    10. Prizes will be paid out by Wednesday evening.
    11. None of the terms and conditions regarding prize allocations described herein are applicable for Multi-Table tournament leaderboards.


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