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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by Razziel, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Razziel

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    Poker Hands:
    Game # 3 ,174 ,548 ,750 starting.
    Dealing Hole Cards(4h :4s: )
    vuttt raised for €0.50
    Raziel raised for €2.50
    vuttt went all-in for €27.85
    Raziel 44 good ?
    Raziel , you have 10 seconds to Hero
    Raziel , you have 123 seconds to Hero
    Raziel he went all in so fast
    Raziel if he had AK
    Raziel he should think
    Raziel what to do ..
    Raziel :D
    Observer I_RUNFAST hmm
    Observer I_RUNFAST he have aq
    Observer I_RUNFAST or 77
    Raziel maybe 88 99
    Observer I_RUNFAST we have to c
    Raziel or AJ
    Observer I_RUNFAST aq is my guess
    Observer I_RUNFAST iam pretty sure
    Raziel AJ or 88 lol
    Raziel called for €25.35
    Dealing the Flop(7h :7c: :9h: )
    Dealing the Turn(10h )
    Dealing the River(6s )
    vuttt shows One Pair , Sevens , with kicker card Ace
    (7h :7c: :Ad: :Qs: :Th: )
    Raziel shows Two Pair , Sevens over Fours
    (7h :7c: :4h: :4s: :Th: )
    Raziel wins €56.70 with Two Pair , Sevens over Fours
    Observer I_RUNFAST yes
    Observer I_RUNFAST iam the best
    Raziel posted small blind (€0.25)
    Raziel wow
    Raziel \u are good
    Raziel really
    Observer I_RUNFAST ;)

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