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[4n] TPMK on 3b pot

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by Deizoo, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. Deizoo

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    Hand History for Game 3535481040 (Prima)
    $400.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Wednesday , September 22 , 02:35:20 ET 2010
    Table Can This Be Real 2 (Real Money)
    Seat 3 is the button
    Seat 1: Hero ( $477.00 USD )
    Seat 2: NatashaRu ( $80.00 USD )
    Seat 3: fokakorv ( $695.70 USD )
    Seat 4: Senor_Cash ( $508.10 USD )
    Seat 6: 3rd_time ( $525.90 USD )
    Senor_Cash posts small blind $2.00 .
    3rd_time posts big blind $4.00 .

    Dealt to Hero: :Tc: :Ac:
    Hero raises $12.00
    NatashaRu folds
    fokakorv folds
    Senor_Cash raises $40.00
    3rd_time folds
    Hero calls $30.00

    FLOP ($88.00)
    :9s: :As: :4c:
    Senor_Cash bets $50.00
    Hero calls $50.00

    TURN ($188.00)
    Senor_Cash bets $100.00
    Hero calls $100.00

    RIVER ($388.00)
    Senor_Cash bets $314.10

    Hello .
    I really dont what to do.Villian is winning reg 21/17/9 who 3bet a lot but vs late position.He barrel A lot 56% turn , 63% river for 10k hands.
    For 3bet pots i know for him that:
    - Stackoff with 2nd on 3bet pot when I raise turn .
    - with overpair on hdb boards play with bet bet shove
    Our dynamic was basicly preflop.
    I open 19% utg and call 63%
    Here im only bluffcatcher , i ask for this marginal spots vs aggresive 3barrel players in 3b pots.It is this always valuebet ?
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
  2. Pro2type

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    Well I guess nothing is "always" in holdem but I think here most of the times you are just faceing AK,AQ ... or somethimes even 22,44. Maybe he can 2 barrel on bluff but i dont think that he`ll bet te river too on that board, it`s obvious that you have an A.
  3. ThuNDeR

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    as played I'd fold but if I know that he's barreling that much I'm probably folding preflop.
    also you say that he's 3beting a lot vs late position but you are MP now so he should have somewhat more value orientated range here I guess

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