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400nl Quads?

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by Zografa, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Zografa

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    Hand # 2936506746 starting - 2009-11-03 02:03:40
    Tanagra Hold'em (2.00|4.00 NL - Cash Game) Real Money

    arasharash sitting in seat 1 with €62.20 Dealer
    DVk0Infinity sitting in seat 2 with €402.00
    itor sitting in seat 3 with €393.60
    Hero sitting in seat 4 with €682.00
    Vomit_Breath sitting in seat 5 with €631.31
    THE_BRAINWAVE sitting in seat 6 with €400.00
    DVk0Infinity posted the small blind - €2.00
    itor posted the big blind - €4.00

    Dealing cards to Hero: :3d: :3h:
    Hero raised to €12.00
    Vomit_Breath folded
    THE_BRAINWAVE folded
    arasharash folded
    DVk0Infinity called - €12.00
    itor called - €12.00

    :2h: :3c: :2c:
    DVk0Infinity checked
    itor checked
    Hero bet - €22.00
    DVk0Infinity called - €22.00
    itor folded

    DVk0Infinity checked
    Hero bet - €50.00
    DVk0Infinity called - €50.00

    DVk0Infinity checked
    Hero bet - €120.00
    DVk0Infinity went all-in - €318.00

    This guy is 19/15/2.3 regular, a little bit nitty and we have no history at all during this session
    i just wanna know is this 100% fold?
  2. Pro2type

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    Damn I play with this guy on 200nl and if that hand was there I would fold like 70%, the only thing that makes me mistrust him is why he dont raise on T where u easy can have flush draw from the flop - and the only hand that appears in my mind is quads (I think Im paranoid) lol. After all I think that fold and call are like 50/50 depends on the flow, what is his opinion for you and bunch of other little things...tough spot

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