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400nl 200 deep vs lunatic

Discussion in 'Texas Holdem Hand Discussion' started by jully, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. jully

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    Hand History for Game 2921241310 (Prima)
    $400.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Tuesday , October 27 , 01:29:20 ET 2009
    Table Karkar (Real Money)
    Seat 6 is the button
    Seat 1: ayayCAPTAIN ( $1156.60 USD )
    Seat 2: Lilrichie ( $328.70 USD )
    Seat 3: YeahRight ( $747.70 USD )
    Seat 4: MR_Jimmy ( $400.00 USD )
    Seat 5: AtomicSwings ( $457.75 USD )
    Seat 6: Hero ( $898.40 USD )
    ayayCAPTAIN posts small blind $2.00 .
    Lilrichie posts big blind $4.00 .

    Dealt to Hero: :Qd: :Ks:
    YeahRight calls $4.00
    MR_Jimmy folds
    AtomicSwings folds
    Hero raises $20.00
    ayayCAPTAIN folds
    Lilrichie folds
    YeahRight calls $16.00

    FLOP ($46.00)
    :Js: :9d: :8s:
    YeahRight bets $12.00
    Hero calls $12.00

    TURN ($70.00)
    YeahRight bets $36.00
    Hero raises $132.00
    YeahRight raises $192.00
    Hero calls $96.00

    RIVER ($526.00)
    YeahRight bets $487.70

    the guy is very insane (45/17/3/ 60 hands)
    likes to play every hand
    I stacked him once (he min raised pre w qq and on Axx bet 3 str(get in ) I call him with a9o :) )
    so bassicaly he's doing crazy stuff
    never saw him leading flops
    the turn 3bet over my huge rr was like insta(0.2sec)
    what do u think bout the turn and riv guys
    riv ?? call /fold ?/
    I guess he'll do that with q too but .... vs him I feel like I'm stabbing in the dark between flushes and don't know what....
  2. Pro2type

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    imo, u got to deside on the turn do u want to stak with him and if you dont then dont call him (unless u dont slowplay him) u know he will shove every riv.

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