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$40,000 Pockets Full

Discussion in 'PKR' started by Mariya, Aug 14, 2015.

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    This promotion is not active!

    Fill your pockets with free cash this August with four chances to win up to $5,000 just for being dealt pocket pairs at PKR ring game tables!

    PKR has levelled the playing field to give everyone a chance of winning the star prize, so you don't have to be Phil Ivey or play 23 hours a day. Play just a few hands on three different days during a leaderboard period and if you're dealt enough pocket pairs, you'll win the $5,000 prize!

    Each leaderboard pays down to 150th place which makes pocketing a piece of the $40,000 giveaway even easier.

    Sunday is the best day to play too. As the last day of one leaderboard and the first of the next, any points you earn will count towards two leaderboards.
    • Four $10,000 8-day leaderboards starting and ending on Sundays
    • Leaderboard points awarded for being dealt one, two or three pairs in a row
    • Only first 50 ring game hands per day will count
    • Only $0.10/$0.25 & above where three or more players are dealt in will count
    • Three highest scoring days determine leaderboard position

    Earning Leaderboard points

    Achievement Points earned
    1 pair 100
    2 pairs in a row 400
    3 pairs in a row 1,200

    For example, 2 pairs in a row will award 400 points in total, not 600 points. The 100 points normally awarded for individual pairs do not count.

    Leaderboard periods

    Leaderboard From To
    1 02 August 09 August
    2 09 August 16 August
    3 16 August 23 August
    4 23 August 30 August

    Leaderboard prizes

    Position Prize
    1 $5,000
    2 $1,000
    3 $500
    4 $200
    5-10 $100
    11-30 $50
    31-80 $20
    81-150 $10

    1. This promotion is open to all PKR players eligible to play real money games.
    2. Players must opt-in by completing the online claim form here by providing their username and email address registered on their PKR account. Players must only complete this process once to be included in all promotional periods. Players must opt-in before the end of a promotional period to be eligible for prizes in that period.
    3. Each promotional period runs for 8 days from 00:01 GMT Sunday until 23:59 GMT on the following Sunday. Promotional periods start on 02, 09, 16 and 23 August 2015.
    4. Only the first 50 eligible hands that are dealt to each player each day, as determined by their start time will count towards the promotion.
    5. Eligible hands include all real money hold ‘em ring game hands at blinds of $0.10c/$0.25 or higher where 3 or more players are dealt in. The first 50 eligible hands can be played on different tables. Any non-eligible hands played will be ignored for the purposes of this promotion.
    6. Each player’s three highest scoring days from each promotional period will count towards their overall score.
    7. Points earned for getting dealt consecutive pairs at the same table will not be cumulative and points will only be awarded for the highest number of consecutive pairs in a sequence. For example, 2 pairs in a row will award 400 points in total, not 600 points. The 100 points normally awarded for individual pairs do not count.
    8. In the event of a tie for any leaderboard positions that pay different prize amounts, the prizes for those positions will be shared equally between the tied players.
    9. Prizes will be credited within 48 hours after each promotional period has ended.
    10. Any players suspected of playing in a co-operative manner will be excluded from this promotion.

    This promotion is not active!

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015

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