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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by JimRaynoR, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. JimRaynoR

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    Hand # 3517587631 starting - 2010-09-11 02:56:40
    Barking 2 Hold'em (0.05|0.10 NL - Cash Game) Real Money

    Hero sitting in seat 1 with ネ10.00
    Barman3k sitting in seat 2 with ネ10.00
    Rad_Panda sitting in seat 3 with ネ10.00
    JahMon sitting in seat 4 with ネ34.69
    Soyuz_919 sitting in seat 5 with ネ12.29
    CINCIN sitting in seat 6 with ネ18.22 Dealer
    Hero posted the small blind - ネ0.05
    Barman3k posted the big blind - ネ0.10

    Dealing cards to Hero: :3s: :3h:
    JahMon raised to ネ0.40
    Soyuz_919 folded
    CINCIN folded
    Hero called - ネ0.40
    Barman3k called - ネ0.40

    :8s: :9c: :3d:
    Hero bet - ネ0.80
    Barman3k folded
    JahMon called - ネ0.80

    Hero bet - ネ1.80
    JahMon called - ネ1.80

    Hero went all-in - ネ7.00
    JahMon called - ネ7.00
    Hero shows:
    :3s: :3h:
    JahMon shows:
    :Ks: :Qs:
    JahMon wins ネ19.38 from the main pot

    Rake: ネ1.02

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