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€35,000 in Freerolls

Discussion in 'Triobet' started by Mariya, Aug 17, 2015.

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    This promotion is not active!

    Freerolls at Triobet are running hotter than ever! The room is giving away €35,000 in Freerolls this month.

    You have four chances to win €50 every day.

    There’s also a €1000 Freeroll every Saturday (always at 19:00 CET) and the only requirement to enter is that you’ve played at least 25 raked hands over the last 24 hours. And we’ve saved the best for last: every Sunday at 19:00 CET there’s a €3000 Freeroll. There’s no entry charge but there is the requirement that you must have played at least 100 raked hands in the week before this Freeroll starts.

    So here’s a recap:
    • 4 x daily €50 Freerolls
    • 1 x €200 Freeroll
    • 1 x €1000 Freeroll
    • 1 x weekly Sunday afternoon €3000 Freeroll

    This promotion is not active!


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