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Featured €35,000 GTD Football Fever Poker Missions

Discussion in 'Betsson' started by Mariya, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Mariya

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    Betsson has announced their new promotion - €35,000 GTD Football Fever Poker Missions.

    It will run each day between June 13th and July 13th. Win your entry to four Football Fever Final tournaments culminating in the final €15,000 guaranteed on July 16th.

    How it works?

    Complete simple daily missions and win tickets to join €35,000 worth of Football Fever Mission tournaments. Your missions are split in to four separate rounds.

    There are 7 daily missions in each round for you to complete and win your tournament ticket to join the following day’s Daily Football Fever Poker Mission tournament.

    At the end of each round Betsson will schedule a Football Fever Mission Final tournament.

    The final tournaments have prize pools starting at €1,000 in round 1 which increase to €15,000 in round 4.

    Your starting stacks in each weekly Football Fever Mission Final are dependent on the number of missions you complete in the qualifying week in that round.

    Pre-registered Players will need to be logged in and play at least one hand before the end of the 1st blind level, failure to do so will result in the Player being automatically removed from the tournament.

    Terms and Conditions:
    1. The Promotion will commence at 00:01 on Monday, 13th June 2018 and will run until 16th July 2018.
    2. All daily missions require play at real money tables, play tables are not included.
    3. Play at heads up tables is excluded.
    4. On completion of a daily mission, the Player will win an entry ticket valued at 0.01c + 0.01c to the Daily Football Fever tournament running the following day. It is the Player’s responsibility to join the tournament using the ticket won to play, unused tickets will not be compensated.
    5. All qualifying Players will be pre-registered to each of the Football Fever Mission Final tournaments which run at the end of each round with starting chip stacks subject to the number of missions completed in that round.
  2. alabala

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    Никъде не намирам тази промоция нито на сайта, нито в клиента. Актуална ли е?

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