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Discussion in 'Покер ръце' started by taggg, May 22, 2010.

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    Everest Poker — Hand Details
    Hand ID: 5823925488
    Table ID: -144850743
    Play Mode: Real Money
    Table Name: Doha-24
    Game Type: Hold'em
    Blinds: $0.25/$0.50
    Stakes: $0.50/$0.50
    Currency: USD
    Starting Date: 2010-05-12 GMT
    Starting Time: 10:50:04 GMT

    Seating Arrangement:

    armbaryoutap is at seat 1 with $47.25.
    Hero is at seat 2 with $113.20.
    raytje80 is at seat 4 with $69.23.
    Francois1964 is at seat 5 with $22.20.
    bundamen is at seat 6 with $49.25.

    Post Blinds:

    The button is at seat 6.
    armbaryoutap posts the small blind of $0.25.
    Hero posts the big blind of $0.50.

    Deal Pocket Cards:

    armbaryoutap: -- --
    Hero: -- --
    raytje80: -- --
    Francois1964: -- --
    bundamen: :2d: :Ad:

    raytje80 raises $1.75.
    Francois1964 folds.
    bundamen calls $1.75.
    armbaryoutap folds.
    Hero calls $1.25.

    Flop (10h :6d: 7d):
    Hero raises $5.50.
    raytje80 raises $11.00.
    bundamen calls $11.00.
    Hero raises $105.95.
    raytje80 calls $56.48.
    bundamen calls $36.50.

    Turn (10h :6d: :7d: :9c: Jc):

    Hero shows :7s: 10s.
    Hero has :7s: :7d: :Ts: :Th: Jc: Two Pair
    raytje80 shows :6c: 6s.
    raytje80 has :6c: :6s: :6d: :Th: Jc: Three of a Kind
    bundamen shows :2d: Ad.
    bundamen has :7d: :9c: :Th: :Jc: Ad: High Card

    Pot Summary:
    $43.97 is returned to Hero (uncalled).
    Total Pot: $187.96
    raytje80 wins $146.42.
    raytje80 wins $39.54.
    House Rake: $2.00

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