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€20,000 Microgaming Rake Race

Discussion in 'Microgaming' started by Kristina, Jul 3, 2015.

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    €20000 Microgaming
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    See More 23rd of November
    Having registered through a Grinders.org link and playing through Betsafe, Betsson or Triobet each player automatically takes part in monthly freeroll with a prize pool of €20 000 which will be in the place of the previous affiliate rake race.

    Players will qualify for the Freeroll based on the points that they have generated in the previous month on the cash tables.

    10 points = $1 gross rake

    Top 100 in the ranking will receive an entry for the Freeroll with prize pool of €20 000.

    Terms of the tournaments:
    • All qualified players will be automatically registered for the tournament.
    • Every player will start the tournament with the exact amount of points that he had collected in the previous month.
    • Levels will rise up every 8 minutes.
    • The structure of the prize will remain the same as the previous affiliate race for €20 000 (top 100 will receive prizes).
    To sum up: the prize pool, the number of players to receive prizes and the individual size of the prizes will remain the same - the only difference is that by playing the freeroll will be decided what prize will receive each player.

    The dates for the freerolls during 2017 are:
    • 14th January
    • 11th February
    • 11th March
    • 8th April
    • 13th May
    • 17th June
    • 15th July
    • 12th August
    • 9th September
    • 14th October
    • 11th November
    • 9th December

    Current race standings: €20000 Microgaming Race - November

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