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Featured $100 000 Bad Beat Jackpot

Discussion in 'Tigergaming' started by AstraLa, Jan 16, 2017.

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    Unlimited Bad Beat Jackpot

    TigerGaming starts their Bad Beat Jackpot (BBJ) in which they give cash rewards for up to $100 000!

    You can win the jackpot at any time while playing at the BBJ tables.

    There is no limit how big the jackpot can become and everybody at the table will win a portion of it so waste no more time and start playing!

    Where How When
    At the special BBJ tables. They have a star next to the name of the table. Lose with Quads of Jacks (JJJJ) or better hand. The bonus will be paid out immediately after the end of the hand.

    Terms and conditions:
    • The promotion is valid only for tables with real money that have "Bad Beat Jackpot" next to their name
    • At the special BBJ tables an extra $0,10 will be taken for every $4 in the pot with a maximum of $0,50 and they will all go for increasing the jackpot
    • Bad Beat Jackpot is active only for hands in which 4 or more players have received cards
    • If a Bad Beat Jackpot hand occurs he will be distributed in the following way: 35% for the player that looses the hand; 17,5% for the winner of the hand; 17,5% will be divided between the rest of the players at the table; 30% will remain to restart the Bad Beat Jackpot
    • One of the requirements is for the loosing hand to use both of their hole cards. Example: If you have KJ on a board of JJJAA and the player versus you has AA, this hand WILL NOT BE counted towards Bad Beat Jackpot
    • If you are disconnected during a hand of Bad Beat Jackpot you will not be included in the distribution of the prizes
    • The hand has to reach showdown in order to qualify for a prize
    • If there is any argument at any time the decisions of TigerGaming will be final

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