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€10,000 SNG Challenge

Discussion in 'Betsafe' started by Kristina, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Kristina

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    This promotion is not active!

    Every month Betsafe will reward all SNG players with added cash prizes worth €10,000.

    It it not about the volume of SNG or play or even the buy-in level - all that matters is how well you place in each tournament!

    Only your 10 best consecutive tournaments played throughout the month will count for the leaderboard and with any additional tournaments you can only improve your ranking!

    Check out the leaderboard in the Poker Black client under “My Account” > “Sit ‘n’ Go Challenge”. It is updated every 20 minutes.

    You can only win if you have opted in! Opting in is easy – simply click on the opt-in button which can be found in the Poker Black client under “My Account” > “Sit ‘n’ Go Challenge”.

    Monthly leaderboards

    All leaderboards will run from 00:01 GMT on the 1st of every month until 23:59 GMT on the last day of each calendar month.

    How are leaderboard points calculated?

    You will receive leaderboard points every time you cash in a 6 or 9 seated SNG tournament, and your points are recorded in blocks of 10 sequential tournaments played. Betsafe will only count your highest scoring block of 10 and 50 sit ‘n’ go tournaments played in row towards the leaderboard. Your leaderboard score will never be reduced; it can only stay the same or be improved by additional tournaments played.

    Monthly cash prizes

    All cash prizes will be paid out automatically within 7 days after the completion of each month leaderboard.​

    This promotion is not active!

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