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€10,000 SNG Challenge

Discussion in 'Triobet' started by Kristina, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. Kristina

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    €10 000 Sit & Go Challenge

    Triobet has great promotion for Sit & Go players with a prize pool of €10,000!
    Starting on first day of the month your mission is to get the best “10 Sit & Go in a row result” as possible. When you have reached 10 Sit & Go's played, you can carry on playing to improve your score by achieving an even better streak.

    Example: Your best 10 Sit & Go results in a row count and its rolling, which means that if you play 35 Sit & Go's, you might have had your best “10 Sit & Go in a row” result between your 9th Sit & Go and your 18th Sit & Go.

    1. Players will need to opt-in to be included in the promotion.
    2. The player will only need to opt-in once. For example if he opts-in in March, he/she will be opted-in automatically for all months going forward.
    3. A player will only be opted-in from the time he/she selects to opt-in and any Sit & Go's played prior to his/her opting-in will not count towards his/her leaderboard points.
    4. The player will not be able to opt-out.
    5. In the case of tied positions, the players will be ranked based on which player had played the most number of qualifying Sit & Go's. If there is still a tie, the player who registered first will occupy the higher position.
    6. The promotion is only valid for 6 and 9-seater Sit & Go's.
    7. The player will start each month with zero points. The promotion will be based on the GMT time zone.
    8. In the case of multi tabling, the ordering of Sit & Go's will be based on their end time.
    9. Heads Up, Double or Nothing, satellite, private and operator Sit & Go's are not valid for the purposes of this promotion.​

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