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$10,000 Ace Chase

Discussion in 'PKR' started by vladimir0v, Jun 23, 2015.

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    More rockets, more cash in your pocket!

    Win up to $5,000 just for being dealt poker's best hand!

    Starting at 17:00 Friday 12 June and running until the $10,000 prize pool has been paid, win instant cash if you're dealt pocket rockets in your first ring game hand or within your first 10 hands.

    And if you're dealt Aces four or five times in your first 100 hands, you'll hit the 4-figure jackpot!

    Chicken dinner!

    Last month's Ace Chase created five $1,000 prize winners - DustyDude, Juicezaur, ukjackuk, Possu81 and LaUsulpadora - with 376 other players winning $100 or $10.

    Don't forget to opt in to ensure you win a prize. If you opted in last time, you don't need to do so again.

    Dealt A-A Cash prize
    In first hand $100
    Once in first 10 hands $10
    Four times in first 100 hands $1,000
    Five times in first 100 hands $5,000

    1. To be eligible to win prizes, players must opt-in by completing the online claim form here. This is only required once. Players cannot claim for hands dealt on days before they completed the claim form.

    2. The promotion starts at 17:00 GMT on Friday 12 June and ends when the $10,000 prize fund has been paid out. The last prize winner will be determined by the start time of their qualifying hands and will receive the full prize amount due regardless of how much is remaining in the prize fund.

    3. Each promotional day (except the first day) runs from 00:00 to 23:59 GMT.

    4. Up to a maximum of the first 100 eligible hands will count each day, as determined by the start time of the hands. Players are not required to complete 100 hands to be eligible to win prizes.

    5. Eligible hands include any real money Hold ‘em ring game hands dealt at stakes of 5c/10c or higher. Any non-eligible hands played will be ignored for the purposes of this promotion.

    6. Players must be dealt a pair of Aces as their hole cards but are not required to show their hand. The suits of the cards do not matter.

    7. Players can only win one prize per day where only the largest cash prize amount will be awarded.

    8. Regular updates of prize winners and the remaining prize pool will be published online.

    9. Prizes will be credited the following day (except weekends).

    10. Any players suspected of playing in a co-operative manner will be excluded from this promotion and will not receive any prizes.

    11. In the event of any dispute, the decision of PKR poker room management is final.
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