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TimeMojo 2015-07-16

Timing tell tool for Poker Stars & FullTilt

  1. GrindEN
    Poker Networks:
    • PokerStars
    Increase your Winrate with TimeMojo
    Whether you are looking to move up in stakes, increase your confidence or add excitement to your poker grind, timing tells are an excellent tool to accomplish all of the above. With TimeMojo you can increase your win-rate, protect yourself from being exploited by others and be a part of the latest edge in online poker!

    Multiple Poker Site, Theme and Layout Compatibility

    TimeMojo currently works with both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, along with all of their table themes and custom setups. The software works on both poker clients at the same time, including multiple PokerStars versions (e.g. .com, .fr, .es, etc).

    Display Opponent Action Times via Heads-up Display
    TimeMojo displays the most recent action time of all of your opponents at every table you are sitting.

    Customize the Timing HUDs Color Ranges, Font and Locations

    Under the settings, TimeMojo allows you to customize a range of colors for your HUDs based on your opponent’s timing.

    You can also adjust the font color, style and size in order to match your current layout and setup. The HUDs will also save their positions by dragging them around the table with a left click.

    Logging System

    TimeMojo saves all of your hands with their timings to your computer. After a hand is logged, you can perform a lookup to view it.

    Database System

    TimeMojo stores all of your logged timing hands in a PostgreSQL database. The database requires very little setup, as you can use your default HoldemManager or PokerTracker database settings.

    You may also import your previously logged TimeMojo timing hands into your database to provide a quicker large sample size. However, any future hands played will be automatically stored in the database.

    Database HUD System – Average Action Times and Advanced Statistics

    Using the information from your database, TimeMojo displays valuable information on a HUD popup, which can be activated by a hover over the timing HUD, or a click depending on your settings.

    The average time stats will also match the colors in your “Time Range Appearance” settings. Please note that the actions and timings for each player for the current hand are also listed in the top left corner of the HUD.

    Adjust Advanced Statistics Timing Ranges

    TimeMojo allows you to adjust the timing ranges on each individual advanced statistic.

    Automatically Delay User Action Times

    TimeMojo allows you to automatically delay your actions (excluding folding) to avoid being exploited from timing tells by your opponents. Simply choose a timing range under settings and TimeMojo will delay your actions to a random time in this range. TimeMojo will not delay your action if you act within or over the timing range. This feature is currently only compatible with PokerStars.

    Street by Street Customization

    The TimeMojo Randomizer settings allow you to randomize and change the timing settings for specific streets.


    TimeMojo uses threading that makes use of all available cores for optimal performance. This ensures maximum compatibility with any third party poker program setups and supports mass tabling.