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TILT braker 2015-07-21

Poker Stop Loss and Bankroll Management Software for Tilt Control

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    TILT braker
    Your sessions perfected!
    Do you know what all of the top pro's consider to be the #1 skill that gives them their edge over opponents? No, it's not risk tolerance or the ability to make some sicko move to outplay their opponents; they all cite the ability to manage themselves better than everyone else. That means tilt control, bankroll management, and flat out knowing when it's time to quit.

    Tilt Breaker is designed to help you manage yourself on a professional level, plain and simple. Tilt Breaker team strive to make it as customizable as possible, allowing you to tailor TB to your exact needs. Tilt Breaker's goal is to cut out as much of your bad volume and bad habits as possible, so that you are minimizing the effect variance has on your winrate. Downswings are inevitable, but how you manage downswings can be the difference between a break even player and a long term winner.

    Tilt Breaker Features
    Auto Break key features

    Quitting is for Winners!
    Never experience that bankroll-crippled-soul-crushed-why-didn’t-I-just-quit feeling ever again with Tilt Breaker’s automatic stop loss feature. Once you hit an Auto Break rule Tilt Breaker will automatically sit you out, remove you from cash tables, and prevent all buy-in functions.

    Set Scheduled Breaks and Critical Stopping Points for your sessions

    You can create stopping points based on:
    • Stop Loss and Stop Win
    • by Money (€, £, $)
    • by Big Blinds (bbs)
    • by Percentage (%) lost from the peak of your session
    • Stop Hands Played
    • Stop Time Played
    Auto Break rules can be applied to:
    • individual sessions
    • all the sessions in a day
    • all cash tables
    • individual cash tables
    • from Session Star
    • from Session Peak
    How it works:
    • Never interrupts active tournaments
    • Displays a Delay Timer to allow you to finish active hands once you reach a rule
    • Automatically sits you out and removes you from cash tables
    • Prevents buy-in functions for the duration of your lockdown time
    • Tracks sessions information across all supported sites simultaneously
    • Session Info Tool that displays your session stats in real time
    *Auto Break currently only supports cash games, however tournament support is in the works.

    Bankroll Manager key features

    Block Bad Games + More Volume in Good Games = $$$
    The Bankroll Manager allows you to set custom rules that keep you playing the games you should play, at the proper stakes, at the proper times, and at a manageable number of tables. Plus it can also block the cashier so you focus on decisions and not results.

    Block the Cashier

    • Have a habit of constantly checking results? Block the Cashier across all supported sites
    • Options to block the Cashier:
    • Always
    • or only during sessions
    Lock in your Custom Poker Site Filters
    • Set your custom filters in your poker site to only show the games and stakes you should be playing
    • Use the Filter Lock rule to lock in your custom filters on each site - you can't play what you can't see!
    • Works for cash and Tournaments
    • Options to block filter(s):
    • Always
    • or only during sessions
    Block games and stakes without restricting your filters (Cash only)
    • Limit your play to specific games and stakes - choose a max table limit or block the game and betting type all together
    • Create custom rules for cash games without restricting your filters
    • Works on every game and betting type (Cash only)
    Max # Open cash tables
    • Limit the # of cash tables you can have open during a session
    • Ideal for players that open mora tables to chase losses
    Time of day
    • Block specific periods of the day
    • Tilt Braker will either prevent you from starting a session or end a current session during this time frame

    tb4.png tb5.png

    Optimus key features

    Ever wonder where you Tilt?
    Optimus analyzes your playing history, using your Holdem Manager database, to figure out where your tilt triggers are and where mental fatigue sets in. Optimus accomplishes this by determining your winrate after you reach certain thresholds; for example how well you play after losing €500. Optimus then takes these results and turns them into a graph, so you can visualize your performance and pinpoint the exact spots where you should take a break.

    • Determines where tilt and fatigue set in
    • Creates graphs so you can visualize how your performance changes after reaching certain thresholds
    • Cuts out the guesswork for Auto Break rules
    • Three report types:
    • Performance by Gain/Loss
    • Performance by Time Played
    • Performance by Hands Played
    • Provides recommended stopping points
    • Data poinst in graphs can be hovered over to show sample size

    App Blocker key featuers

    Block Distractions. Stay Focused.
    Keep your focus on the hands at play by minimizing your on-screen distractions. Tilt Breaker's App Blocker draws a screen over your entire desktop, including multiple monitors, and only allows applications of your choosing to stay visible on top of the screen.

    • Draws a screen over the entire desktop
    • Only apps that you list as approved stay on top of the screen
    • All supported poker sites and Holdem Manager HUDs are approved by default
    • Transperancy bat for increasing or decreasing the transpernacy of the screen
    • Multiple color options for the screen
    • Hotkey for turning the screen on and off
    • Option to disable hotkey during a session
    • Disable timer that automatically turns the App Blocker off after your last Hands History in a session
    • Option to launch the screen when you open a poker site
    Smart Lock key features

    No, you can't just restart your computer to bypass TB
    Smart Lock is the process that Tilt Breaker uses to engage a lockdown of a poker site, and the Bypass Security in place to make sure you stick to your rules. We call it Smart Lock, because Tilt Breaker identifies cash and tournament tables, and then handles each table type separately. Grind away at cash and tournament tables simultaneously without worrying about your tournament being interrupted if you go into lockdown.

    • Lockdown Process:
    • Activates a Delay Timer fo finish current hands
    • Checks "Sit Out Next Hand" or "Sit Out Next Big Blind" on all cash tables
    • Closes all cash tables once the Delay Timer expires
    • Prevents the ability to register for tournaments or buy-in to cash games until you Break is over
    • Active tournaments are never interrupted
    • Prevents Heads Up Sit & Go rematches
    • Tilr Braker cannot be bypassed by:
    • Rebooting your PC
    • Manipulating the Windows clock
    • Turning off Hand History settings
    Tilt Button key features

    3 Clicks and Your Bankroll is Safe
    The Tilt Button was designed to capitalize on that brief moment in time when you know you are tilting and need to quit your session. It’s very simple; as soon as you realize you are tilting, just double click the Tilt Button and choose 1 of 3 lockout times. Three clicks and your bankroll is safe.

    • Launches with poker site
    • Misclick proof
    • Stays on top of all windows
    • Three customizable lockdown times
    • Three ways to engage a lockout
    • Desktop Tilt Button
    • Tilt Breaker Icon in the System tray
    • Customizable Hotkeys
    • Acts as a visual reminder to take a break when tilting