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Table mod TigerGaming (Chico) and Equity Mod 0.5.0

TigerGaming and FullFlush can look good for a grinder too, for free!

  1. Breeze
    Poker Networks:
    • Chico
    • Equity
    Time to mod Chico (and Equity)! It seems to not only work at TigerGaming, but also at FullFlush as both networks use the same software.

    We don't know yet if TigerGaming/Chico have anything against modding, will know soon. Only images have been modified in this mod so far. Also, this is the first version of the mod, please inform us if something doesn't work as expected. So:

    Disclaimer - use at your own risk.

    This mod is designed exclusively for Grinders.org. You are required to mention the source if you post it elsewhere. Absolutely DO NOT use any parts of this mod inside of your own paid mod!

    Features of our FREE Tigergaming mod:

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
    • Modded Tables - use the "Modern" skin and select out of three new table backgrounds - the familiar dark and light Grinders tables and also a plain color almost black one.
    • Modified seat graphics - less bulky graphics for seated players and more subtle empty seats
    • Modified action buttons - to make it easier to spot a table that needs attention, Call/Bet/Check/Raise buttons are now light blue, while preselectable actions remain dark


    • Card Modification - will try that
    • Improve what's been done so far


    1. It is a good idea to install Tiger's poker client to a custom location outside Program Files, such as C:\Poker\Tiger Gaming 8.2. That will make it easier to rewrite files.
    2. You might want to backup your C:\Poker\Tiger Gaming 8.2\images\skins\table\modern folder. This way you won't need to reinstall the software in case you don't like our mod.
    3. Download the .zip file from this page (located at top right of this page)
    4. Unzip the file somewhere, then go inside the TigerChicoMod-0.5.0 folder and copy all folders from there to: C:\Poker\Tiger Gaming 8.2\images\skins\table\modern, replacing some files in the process.
    5. Start the client through Tiger Gaming.exe and it should be modded
    If you like/dislike this mod, please rate it! Also if you got any questions or anything else to say, do it in the discussion thread
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