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Simple Postflop 2015-08-21

Software for postflop calculation of Nash-equlibrium

  1. GrindEN
    Simple Postflop is software for calculation of Nash-equlibrium on postflop, which builds GTO strategies in postflop situations according to bet-sizing and ranges of two players.

    Simple PostFlop main advantages:
    • Very accurate results of calculations;
    • Incredibly fast and free calculations of Turn and River;
    • Calculations could be processed in the Cloud;
    • Affordable prices;
    • All of you ideas taking into count and used for improvement of Simple Postflop.

    Simple Postflop Functionality:

    • Cloud version for weak computers and Standalone version for powerfull computers;
    • River calculation - instantly, Turn calculation - few seconds;
    • Optimal strategy, EV and Equity of every hand in the range for the whole tree of strategies;
    • Possible to use Simple Postflop as a calculator for hand EV on postflop using lock-strategy function;
    • Simple generation of strategy tree according to the players bet-sizings;
    • Supporting of two bet-sizings from the one node of tree strategy;
    • Full calculation of GTO strategies without usage of any abstractions.

    To complete the calculation you should follow next steps:

    1. Set the cards on the board. You should click on cards and choose which one you need in the drop-down menu.
    2. Choose the phase of the game: Flop, Turn, River.


    3. Set effective stack and pot of the phase.


    4. Set bet-sizings to players. You need to enter Sizing Edition Menu clicking on the button near the label Player bet sizing.


    You can set Sizing Strategy for every phase of the game in the 'Sizing of bets' area. In the 'Main config' area you can set tha maximum amount of raises on each phase of the hand or set first/last move to All-in. It is possible to save sizing strategy and use it later.

    5. Click on the Apply Situation button and according to bet-sizing strategies of players program will build strategies tree. It is possible to edit bets right-clicking on the tree node and choosing Edit Node option.


    6. Set players ranges for the action points click on the buttons near Range Player label.

    All cards are presented at 13x13 matrix and each element containes several pair of cards depending on the selected suites. Left clicking on the matrix element you'll set % which is defined under the Full button.If you right clicking in the element than it will set up to 0% of playing. You can also Copy/Paste ranges and they are fully competable with CREV.


    7. The last step is to click on the Calculate button. By the end of calculation the program will show equlibrium ranges in the strategy tree. Choosing the node you'll se the result in the 13x13 matrix. There are available three views of the result: % of played cards, EV, % of played actions.


    When you choose any element of the matrix you'll see it's detailed description in tha top right table. In the Abs column showed the % of hand player reached the situation. In the column Played shown the probability with which player have to play according to the equlibrium strategy. In the EV column shown the EV for the action minus EV of Fold. In the right middle table shown all possible actions for the hand selected in the top table.