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Mod loader Ongame Mod - Main (bat files and instructions) 2.04

Ongame Mod - Main (bat files and instructions)

  1. Breeze
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    Grinders.org Ongame Mods

    Batfiles last updated: 26 June 2015

    Update March 10th 2013: Added support for ongame Strobe tables

    Update December 17th 2012: Added .bat files for Betsson and Redbet

    Update April 16th 2012: Added a brand new light (gray) version of the mod, again with the same 3 types of cards used for the black one. Also fixed an issue with hole cards not clearly visible when table is at minimum size

    Update September 16 2011: Updated after an software upgrade which broke the mod

    Update June 14 2011: Had to update the mod files due to an upgrade. Let your client update by starting it the normal way (not through grinders.bat), then download and install the new version of the mod

    Update May 18 2011: Ongame updated to a java based client. Our mods are now updated. Thanks to some posters at 2+2 there is a great solution that makes starting the mod simple

    Update August 23 2010: Made a lot of changes to the panel at the bottom of the table. New betting buttons and generally made the panel darker with less bright details than the original betsafe one. Made the pro2 deck default as more people seem to like it than the arial one, all other decks are updated with the new graphics as well.

    Update August 21 2010: Did a little facelift to the cards (larger index, better edge) and added some more card types with the font Pro2type chose for one of our microgaming mods :). Scroll below install instructions for the additional card decks.

    Update July 14 2010: Mod has been updated after a change to Ongame software, should be working fine again.

    Ongame's software is getting a bit prettier lately, but it definitely benefits from good graphical mods. Hope you like ours, we have tried to make the most complete ongame mod. All graphics are done by us (Grinders.org), this is not a collection of other people's work. Like the rest of our mods it is of course designed with heavy grinding in mind, in order to get the most out of our Redbet exclusive offer - added Rake Races, Endurance Race and Grind Prix race - great value both while clearing the bonus and after it.

    Grinders.org Ongame Mod:

    Black Version:

    Gray Version:

    How to install at Betsafe(Ongame):
    1. Choose your mod and download it:

      Black mod with Pro2type cards | Gray mod with Pro2type cards

      Black mod with Clean cards | Gray mod with Clean cards

      Black mod with Arial cards | Gray mod with Arial cards

      [*]Extract the Zip to your room's folder - for example C:\Betsafe

      [*]Important: AFTER the above step, download the latest resource file and extract it to C:\Betsafe

      [*]Each time you want to start the modded client, run "Grinders.bat" for Betsafe, "GrindersRedbet.bat" for Redbet and etc.​

    Additional options:

    Main table - turn Avatars OFF
    Bonus table :) - turn Avatars ON

    Black Spades: turn 4 color cards ON
    Yellow spades: turn 4 color cards OFF

    Other skins:
    For other skins you will need to edit Grinders.bat. Right click on it, select Edit and it will open a text that you can edit:
    1. Poker.exe: Some skins use another filename instead of Poker.exe, that will cause a problem. To find the name of the file that starts your skin, look inside Poker.bat (with Edit again). Copy the filename from there

    2. 3033 - Change that number to the number at the end of the file jpc5_obfuscated_xxxx.jar. You can find the file in the software's folder. That number will change with updates, you need to have the same number in the .bat file.

    3. C:\Betsafe - Change that to your skin's folder

    4. Betsafe - Change that to your skin's name. You can see the skin name by starting normally (not through Grinders.bat) and see the text top-left of the lobby window.

    After editing those 4 items, save Grinders.bat and you can start it, client should be modded

    Uninstall: Not needed to do anything, just start through StartPoker.exe instead of Grinders.bat. You can also delete \mod\ folder

    Disclaimer - the .bat file is just simple DOS commands copying around modded and original files, but still, use at your own risk. All files are designed and created from scratch for Grinders.org unless stated otherwise, so if you want to upload them elsewhere, please mention the source.
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