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Full Mod Microgaming Normal/Large tables - Main mod 2010-07-20

Microgaming mods - free table and card mods for Prima poker network

  1. Breeze
    Poker Networks:
    • Microgaming
    Okay, time to concentrate on modding Microgaming. Grinders.org is one of the largest affiliates for the Prima network and our players certainly deserve some nice free Prima mods. That will help you guys competing in our exclusive Rake Races :).

    So lets start it off with some mods for the Normal/Large tables I did the last 2-3 days and I'll be adding more stuff very soon.

    Prima Mod for the Normal/Large tables

    How to mod the Large tables at prima

    Just extract the zip (from the resource) to folder
    C:\Microgaming\Poker\ your skin MPP \theme\ your skin \global\Views\RaceTrackView

    Pro2type cards are included, if you like other cards of the ones listed below in this post, download them and extract them to this same folder. Important - make a copy of that folder before modding it, to be able recover in case you don't like my mod.

    That's all, next time you start it should be modded.

    See below how the large tables will look after modding. You can select between a few table colors by pressing the Menu button on the table and going to Options -> Table Appearance tab:


    NEW Dec'2012:


    Some additional notes:

    Once you are done, the client doesn't check graphics and you can normally start your poker room without the need for annoying .bat files or scripts.

    I took some time to make it possible to easily select between the few table backgrounds I have made so far, you do that from inside client itself. Just open a table and click the "Menu" button, then "Options" and select the "Table appearance" tab.


    Hope you like it. Will soon be adding some new (and old) mods for the minitables as well. Also more cards and tables planned for the large tables :).

    For more Microgaming mods - check out Related Resources at the bottom

    Disclaimer - use at your own risk.

    This mod is designed exclusively for Grinders.org. You are required to mention the source if you post it elsewhere. Absolutely DO NOT use any parts of this mod inside of your own paid mod!

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  1. Effect
    Version: 2010-07-20
  2. huliok
    Version: 2010-07-20
    Awesome job man! thanks
  3. hirokuscript
    Version: 2010-07-20
    You rock man!