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Full Mod Microgaming Minitables - Main Mod 2010-07-20

Microgaming/Prima Minitables Mod - Main

  1. Breeze
    Poker Networks:
    • Microgaming
    Prima Minitable Mods

    Prima's minitables are great for multitabling over 6 tables and many grinders love them even though they are not as pretty as the normal tables. They have large cards (larger than on normal tables!) and a very simple, spartan layout where everything is in clear sight and nothing useless is kept. Here's what it can look like after our mod is applied:

    Microgaming minitable mod

    ... and here's everything you need:


    Download the resource file

    Unzip this file to C:\Microgaming\Poker\ Your skin MPP \theme\ Your skin \global\Views

    That's it! Next time you start the client, it should be modded.
    • You can use all the minitables listed below with that mod by unzipping them to folder
      C:\Microgaming\Poker\ Your skin MPP \theme\ Your skin \global\Views\MiniView
    • If you want to use original Microgaming cards, delete all files that start with DECK_ in that folder

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