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Mod loader iPoker Main mod - BETnGO 2015-05-03

iPoker mod - BETnGO

  1. Breeze
    Poker Networks:
    • iPoker
    Grinders.org mod for bet365, BETnGO and other iPoker skins

    Updated 26th of April 2014!

    iPoker's (Playtech's) poker software seems to be getting better lately, and I hope to help a bit with my ipoker mod. It was prepared for our preferred iPoker room BETnGO (iPoker1). Works at other skins too, read the instructions below the screenshots.

    If you would like to ask me something about the mod or the deals, contact me on Skype: briiiz
    Here are some screenshots of the mod in action, there might be some small changes as I update it often and am too lazy to take new screens:

    Black Version of the mod:


    Gray version:


    1) Download Part 1 of the mod (this resource file)

    2) Download Part 2 of the mod -> Pick a color combination.

    3) Extract the .zips to your BETnGO (C:\Poker\BetnGo Poker) folder

    4) From now on, start the software through Grinders.bat and once you have logged in, open a table, then close it. After that press Enter in the Grinders.bat window. You have to do that every time if you want it modded. Omaha players: Use GrindersOmaha.bat instead for cards with an index top left.

    Additional cards: Black-Red-Blue-Yellow cards (no Green)

    Adapt for other skins:
    Because we are really nice, here is how to make it work on skins different from bet365 and BETnGO. The Originals folder of the mod contains bet365/BETnGO specific files and those need to be replaced with the original graphics files of your skin. You need to only do this once, if you do it right of course:

    • Make sure the client is in an UNMODDED state. Start C:\Poker\xxxx\casino.exe and make sure tables open normally NOT modded

    • Now lets update the Originals of the mod with the ones from your skin. Copy and replace as follows:

      Copy all files from \data\table\topview\ to \Originals\TopView\

      Copy all files from \data\table\topview\cards\ to \Originals\Cards\

      Copy all files from \data\table\topview\coins\ to \Originals\TopCoins\

      Copy all files from \data\table\topview\buttons\ to \Originals\Buttons\

      Now hopefully you should be able to use the mod without error messages! Please inform me if there is something wrong with the instructions as testing on all skins is not really a priority for me...

    If you have any problems, come here and ask us.

    Disclaimer - use at your own risk. Also, this mod is designed by me, exclusively for Grinders.org, so please mention the source if you post it elsewhere. Absolutely DO NOT use any parts of this mod inside of your own paid mod!