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HoldemBoss Standart version

Advanced multi tabling tool for PokerStars

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    HoldemBoss is a service and product for your online poker. With realtime BB, MTT SNG Registrator and other functions you wont miss a penny any more!

    Forget about what you know regarding multi-tabling softwares. We proudly present to you the next generation: HoldemBoss. Made and beta-tested by professional poker players. What is your main goal as a poker player? Make MORE money in less time without fear! This is what HoldemBoss guarantees. Our software saves huge amount of time that allows you to think longer on important decisions while playing. The more you play, the more you can earn! Maximize the number of tables running at once. Handle easily more SNGs or MTTs with HoldemBoss. It also helps you making the best decision on the spot. And much more inside... Download the 7 days trial version from our website. Experience how HoldemBoss makes your everyday grind much EASIER and more PROFITABLE.

    HoldemBoss is an advanced multi tabling tool for PokerStars which would also auto register tournaments for you. It will connect players directly with their SharkScope profile, converts table stakes into big blind based stakes directly and much more.

    HoldemBoss major functions and details
    Basic functions
    Let HoldemBoss close news popups, registration dialogs, OK buttons and other annoying windows automatically in a moment without the need of player interaction.
    HoldemBoss can be set to click timebank, i'm back, info or note tab, auto rebuy, PS attach mode, titlebar and border remover for massive multi-tabling.
    You can select from tons of functions to customize HoldemBoss to your personal taste.

    HoldemBoss magnifier
    If you are using small fonts on your HUD or other software's HUD, it will zoom into it and show the corrected part from the cursor position in a new small window
    RPC (replayer copy button)
    New button has arrived to Boss, where you can copy your actual hand history from tracker replayer to the clipboard with a click.

    Auto backup
    You won't miss your notes or PokerStars configuration anymore. Let HoldemBoss auto save those every day or every month.

    Startup Applications
    Set your startup applications, which will automatically start when you run HoldemBoss. Don't waste your time by finding and opening music player, messenger or anything before grind.
    Main window of HoldemBoss will show your session elapsed time, current running and total games, their names and counts.

    Real-time BB display (HUD)
    You can enable player HUD, which will show every player's stack in BB (big blind) or M number which is calculated real-time and can be colorized by ranges and are resizable and movable your needs. They are also resizable and movable based on your needs.
    There is a separate HUD, 'Table HUD' for showing SPR (stack to pot ratio) and pot odds in real time when its your turn and a BB timer which can be configured to count down from a pre-configured time as a blind level counter.

    Integratable push / shove chart
    You can reach your ranges in real-time ingame by clicking on any hud anywhere on your table.
    A new opening HUD will show your ranges that you can shove at specific position and effective BB.

    Extended note system
    Time has come, you can create color LEDs on your opponents with one click. You can assign titles to any color.
    Right click on the target player's HUD and it will auto create and save your note.

    Registrator (Sit & Go/MTT/Spin & Go Opener)
    With our professional registrator, you can even use it on multiple PokerStars clients at once. Don't waste your time by finding and clicking the right games in the right time. Time is money.
    MTT, SNG, Satellite registration has never been easier.
    You can use the HB registrator to reg in a specific timeframe or for a specific period. There is an option to avoid registration in breaks.

    HoldemBoss will auto recognize running games, so you will be able to add any games to the list with one click.
    Set maximum total games for session or maximum of each type of games. Use RAC module, where Boss will only reg after count (of currently registered players).

    You can assign values to different PokerStars colors (from your notes) and tell HoldemBoss not to register on specific colors or on uncolorized ones.
    In case you play satellites, HB will auto unregister from the tournaments that you had won entry to.

    Bet sizing (Preset Bets)
    Boss can set your predefined bets based on game structure (hyper, regular, turbo), by positions, streets.
    Limper isolation, C-betting, 3-betting by game, street and can be used to raise by last raiser or POT %.
    HoldemBoss can be set to shove when effective BB (in stack) is less than a specified value. It also helps you to keep up with the current trends and start painting your own stats since the program shoves the X % of your stack thus reducing your fold to 3bet in the opponent's HUD. This will result in future fold equity when facing regulars.

    Hotkey system
    Boss can label players with one click for a custom color of your notes or open SharkScope search, or auto search player with any key combination.
    You can auto-move tables as well to a custom position. Dual monitors are supported.

    Don’t forget that HoldemBoss is not a product, its a service, where you can tell us what future developments you would like to see. Subscribers can freely vote at any time to request new features and when least 51% of our subscribers say yes, development will start in case your idea is also supported by the actual room's integrity team.

    We are also offering close to 24/7 live support over Teamviewer, Skype, email, Facebook, Google.

    Subscribers will have write access to our private Boss forums to discuss functions and anything related to us.

    HoldemBoss licence can be used up to 2 computers.

    If you are unsatisfied with our service, please let us know, we will try our best to solve your problem