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Full Mod Boss Media Gray Mod - Cards and Table Mod 2015-05-06

Boss Media Gray Mod - Cards and Table Mod

  1. Breeze
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    Grinders.org Boss Media Mod

    Last update:April 11th 2012

    Thanks to SzS's contributions at 2+2's Poker Software Forum, I found out how to mod Boss Media somewhat, so I decided to contribute too, with my own tables, cards and eventually other details.

    All files are designed and created from zero for Grinders.org unless stated otherwise, so if you want to upload them elsewhere, please mention the source. Below you can see screenshots with everything installed - cards, table, dealer button, seats etc

    Gray Skin (new!) - new Grinders.org mod design for those who like brighter colors
    [​IMG]Boss Media Mod

    If you prefer darker colors - try Black Skin version

    For both the gray and the black version of the mod you can switch between yellow and black spades by selecting 4 color / standard deck from the client. If you want to use standard Boss Media cards with this mod, simply delete the 4 poker_cards... files from the \mod\ folder.

    How to install at Redbet Poker (Boss Media):
    1. Download the version you want: Gray Boss Media Mod (in this resource) or Black Boss Media Mod

    2. Extract the Zip to your Redbet Poker folder - C:\Program Files\Redbet Poker\ (the Zip file contains Grinders.bat, \mod\ and \originals\ subfolders)

    3. Each time you want to start the modded client, run "Grinders.bat" instead of "Poker.exe" and once you've logged into the client, but before opening a table, hit enter in the Grinders.bat window

    Uninstall: Not needed to do anything, just start through Poker.exe instead of Grinders.bat. You can also delete \mod\ and \originals\ folders and Grinders.bat

    Disclaimer - the .bat file is just simple DOS commands copying around modded and original files, but still, use at your own risk.
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