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Full Mod 888 poker - Main mod 2015-05-06

888 poker - Main mod

  1. Breeze
    Poker Networks:
    • 888poker
    888poker network has been growing steadily over the last months and according to PokerScout.com it has surpassed Ongame's cash game traffic which is pretty impressive. The software has decent features and after playing a bit I was determined to make a grinders.org mod for it, so there you go here is the result :).



    888's poker client can be found in folder: C:\Documents and Settings\ Username \Application Data\LuckyAcePoker.com\ (or another skin's name instead of LuckyAcePoker).

    For Windows 7, the folder is: C: \ Users \ USER \ AppData \ Roaming \ PacificPoker

    1) Go the the above folder and backup subfolders Poker and Pokerex in order to be able to revert to the original software if you don't like the mod for some reason.

    2) Download the resource file
    and unzip it to the same folder: C:\Documents and Settings\ Username \Application Data\LuckyAcePoker.com\ for WinXP or C:\Users\ Username \AppData\Roaming\PacificPoker\ for Win7

    The mod should be working now. Inside the client you now have the ability to select our modded cards, cardbacks and table background.

    Additional "Arial rounded" cards

    Please inform me if there are any problems with this mod.
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