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PlanetWin365 is famous for the large amount of Italian players. The deal is very good and there are plenty of weak players. Contact us for more information regarding VIP deals and promotions!

Weighted rake method
Good traffic
Weak players
Good software
Holdem Manager
Poker Tracker
Handgrabber needed

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Every player who wants to take advantage of our promotions in any of our partner poker rooms should do the following steps:

1. Register to poker room of his preference through our link in the offer (big green button).

2. Add their account to our system (the link is located below the registration link).

If you find that your data is not updated even there is update to the races you are in, please contact our support immediately. Player with no account info added to our system can lose the ability to participate in some or all our promotions.


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€600 Bonus for New Players

Boost your bankroll with the wonderful €600 initial bonus at PlanetWin365!
Download the software, add funds to your poker account by using one of the many options and the bonus will be automatically activated!
Play cash or tournament mode to earn your FPP points!
Every 40 FPP earned you will automatically receive €5 bonus on your Poker Pro account. You have 60 days to redeem all your €500 bonus.

14 days Rookie Challenges #1 and #2

These 2 simple challenges are here to help you getting started! Each challenge will unlock the next one. Complete them all to gain extra €€€!

Rookie #1
This challenge is here to help you getting started! To complete the challenge:

Play any 3 freerolls (Satellites excluded.)

Sit with €2 at a cash table and play 20 raked hands* OR If you prefer tournaments play €3 worth in STT or MTT.

Reward: €200 Rookie1 Freeroll weekly. Rookie #2 unlocked.

*Pot must be 20¢ or higher for hand to be counted as raked.

Rookie #2

PlanetWin365 offers lots of side games action! Omaha, Telesina and Italian 32 Draw!

To complete Rookie #2:

Play 30 Raked hands* on side cash games (excluding Hold'em)

Play any real €10K Daily Satellite held Mon - Saturday at 20:30

Reward: €5 in tournament tokens.

*Pot must be 20¢ or higher for hand to be counted as raked.

  • The Initial bonus will be credited automatically in increments of €5 every time a player reaches 40 FPP. FPP are not available during the Initial Bonus period as they are used to redeem this bonus.
  • FPP points are earned by all players every time they play cash or a tournament. 1 FPP is credited every 50 cents raked at cash or the equivalent in tournament fees.
  • The status of the €500 initial bonus can be checked by logging in the Poker Pro client, by clicking on Account > Bonus Status.
  • The €500 initial bonus promotion started on 3rd of October 2014, all players that have logged in prior to this date are eligible for the old €365 bonus. Same rules apply.
  • Rookie Challenge 1, Rookie Challenge 2, Rookie Challenge 3, have to be completed within 14 days from your first login in the poker room. Completing Rookie 1 will unlock Rookie 2.
  • In order to redeem all bonuses on offer in the Rookie Challenges the actions required by each challenge have to be completed. The bonuses are credited automatically however tournaments registrations have to be performed by the player.

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VIP Program

Poker VIP Program for players:
  • 4 monthly membership levels → Soldier, Sergeant, Marshall and Captain
  • 2 annual levels → Colonel and General.
Play and earn VPP points to upgrade your level and FPP points to spend in the VIP shop (N.B. VPP can`t be used for buying in VIP Shop). Each level offers exclusive bonuses and tickets for online and live poker tournaments.

The bonuses are instantly credited to your poker account!




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Grinders VIP

Bad Beat Jackpot

The Bad Beat Jackpot is for ALL No Limit Hold'em cash tables.
There are prizes given every 10 minutes to the player with the strongest losing hand.

The jackpot is progressive. You can check the counter on the top right corner in the poker client to see how much will be given away at the moment. You have bigger chance to win if you play on more tables!

Depending on the levels on which you play your win will be based on the following chart:
Level Prize
From 2NL to 5NL (€0,01/0,02 - €0,02/0,05) 25%
From 10NL to 25NL (€0,05/0,10 - €0,10/0,25) 50%
From 50NL to 100NL (€0,25/0,50 - €0,50/1) 75%
200NL+ (€1/2+) 100%

In order to qualify for Bad Beat Jackpot the following criteria must be met:
  • The hand must be played on a No Limit Texas Hold'em Cash Game table
  • The losing hand must be a straight or better
  • The hand must go to a showdown
  • Both hole cards must be used to make the strongest losing hand
  • Three or more players must be dealt into the hand at the start
Terms and conditions:
  • Payments are made automatically. If the minimum losing hand strength requirement (straight) is not met the fund will roll over to the next ten minutes period.
  • Players can win multiple prizes.
  • In the event of a multi-way showdown (3 or more players) only the strongest losing hand will be considered for the jackpot.
  • Any form of soft play or collusion to abuse this jackpot will result in account suspension.
Good luck and let's lose in order to win!

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30% Lossback Bonus

The room of PlanetWin365 gives a chance to their players to get 30% lossback from the poker tables.
This bonus is weekly and will be credited directly into your poker account. It's up to €100 per week.

All losses at the No Limit cash tables from €200NL+ (€1/€2+) where three or more players participated in the hand will be counted for the Lossback bonus. The players have to complete at least 100 raked hands for the duration of the week.

  • The Heads-Up tables don't participate in this promotion
  • Players will receive 30% of their total loss, up to €100, directly into their poker accounts
  • The weekly period is from Monday 02:00 CET/0:00 GMT to Monday 01:00 CET/Sunday 23:59 GMT
  • The hour in which the hand started will be counted to determine for which period is she participating

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Daily Raked Hand Promotion

Cash lovers get rewarded daily for every hand they play on PlanetWin365!

The Daily Raked Hand Cash Challenge gives you access to 3 freerolls worth €380.
  • Play 30 raked hands at NL5 (or higher) to access the "€30 Freeroll 30RH Cash Challenge"
  • Play 50 raked hands at NL10 (or higher) to access the "€100 Freeroll 50RH Lucky Hand"
  • Play 100 raked hands at NL 25 (or higher) to access the "€250 Freeroll 100RH Lucky Hand"
  • Raked hands must be earned through real money Holdem Cash Game only (Heads Up tables excluded).
  • The promotion is valid only for stakes written above.
  • For the Daily Raked Hands Cash Challenge only the raked hands made in the 24 hours before each tournament count towards eligibility.
  • Excess rake hands earned in the qualifying period will not count towards future bonus/tournaments.
  • Raked hands earned are not transferable, for example if you qualify for Monday's tournament you cannot for any reason switch to an alternative day.
  • The management reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time and any decision taken is final.

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32 Carte Daily Cash Promotion

Take part in the "32 cards Daily Cash Challenge" and win a seat in a daily special freeroll for €30.

All you need to do is play 50 raked hands in the 24 hours before the tournament - "€30 Freeroll 50 RH 32 Card Challenge".
You can check how many hands you raked from "Account > View poker history"

Terms and conditions:
  • Rake hands must be earned through 32 Card Cash Game only
  • Excess rake hands will not count towards future tournaments
  • Rake hands are non-transferable

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Grinders Free Hand Grabber

Every player registered through Grinders.org and accumulated €10 rake will receive a free hand grabber for PlanetWin365.

Make a registration, send an email with your Username and wait for our confirmation that you are tracked through Grinders.
Deposit and make €10 rake.

Send another email to support@grinders.org with your Username and Skype to contact you. As a subject in the email please write: Free Hand Grabber

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€1000 GTD Second Chance

Bad beats happen to all of us sometimes, but at PlanetWin365 you have a Second Chance.
If you were unfortunate enough to lose at the cash tables from last week PlanetWin365 is here to help with the brand NEW €1000 Guaranteed Second Chance tournament on Mondays at 19:20. Win your share from 50 prizes of €20 each week!

Registration starts at 17:20 and is open to anyone finishing €15 down or more at the cash tables during the week before the tournament's start.

Winnings and losses on casino, on poker tournaments and on Sit & Go tournaments do not count as part of the €15.

Only cash game losses made from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 CET before the tournament's start count towards the total.

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Token Hunt

From 13th of December 2016 PlanetWin365 added 150 special tournaments a week to give the opportunity to build your bankroll for free!

All tournaments are 5 Seat Flip or Hyper-Turbo.

There are three types:
  1. €0,50 Flip Freeroll - 8 times a day; it gives €0,01 tournament tokens to the top 50 players
  2. €5 Added - on every 2 hours; buy-in: €0,01; it guarantees that at least 50 people will win €0,10 worth of tournament tokens
  3. €50 Added - 4 times a day; buy-in: €0,10; it guarantees that at least 50 players will win €1 in tournament tokens

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