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PartyPoker is still the best choice to grow your bankroll - whether you are a beginner or experienced player. Bonuses at Party Poker are relentless, you'll just be finishing one offer and the next will be waiting for you. All this comes along with a very good deal from Grinders.

Weighted rake method
Financially solid
Fast withdrawals
Great support
Good traffic
Weak players
Good software
Has speed poker
Holdem Manager
Poker Tracker

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Every player who wants to take advantage of our promotions in any of our partner poker rooms should do the following steps:

1. Register to poker room of his preference through our link in the offer (big green button).

2. Add their account to our system (the link is located below the registration link).

If you find that your data is not updated even there is update to the races you are in, please contact our support immediately. Player with no account info added to our system can lose the ability to participate in some or all our promotions.


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First Deposit Bonus

PartyPoker is offering to all its new players a 100% Match Bonus on their first deposit - Up to $500

The bonus is automatically activated upon your first deposit and it`s multi-currency based as below:
100% Bonus up to € 325.00 EUR
100% Bonus up to £ 250.00 GBP
100% Bonus up to $ 500.00 USD

  • The bonus is released in 10 equal parts. Each installment is 10% from your total bonus amount.
  • The bonus value is 25%
  • You have 120 days to clean the entire bonus
  • In order to clean your bonus entirely you will have to rake the bonus amount 4 times
* You earn 2 points for every $1 paid in tournament fees and table charges.

Don`t forget to submit your PartyPoker username at our section - My Accounts.

Only this way you will be able to participate in our multi-room rake race - €8 000 Grind Prix and our exclusive Party&Bwin $2 000 rake race!

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Grinders Rake Chase

From 1st of May 2017 we increase our Rake Chase!
This is a rake race exclusively for our players and here you win cash rewards for the points you are generating.
This how the ranking looks like:

Points Cash reward ($)
200 10
500 35
1000 75
2000 160
3000 245
5000 425
7000 610
10 000 900
15 000 1375
20 000 2000
25 000 2500
30 000 3000

Earn 2 points for every $1 in tournament fees and table charges.

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$7500 affiliate Rake Race

We would like to introduce you $7500 affiliate Rake Race.

This race is only for players from eligible affiliates (such as ourselves). The price poll is $5000, the winner will take $1100 and there are 30 paid places.

The race period is from 1st every month to the end date for the current month.

Prices are paid directly to your PartyPoker accounts between 15th -20th of the following month.

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Loyalty Rewards

Partypoker are giving away prizes to all of their loyal players. There are four loyalty levels and there are a different requirements and prizes for all of them:

  • Bronze - every player is eligible and receive tickets for up to $22.

  • Silver - make 50 points/month and receive tickets for up to $109 and store rewards will be unlocked.

  • Gold - make 750 points/month and receive tickets for up to $100, tourney tickets for up to $530 and store rewards will be unlocked.

  • Palladium - make 2000 points/month and receive tickets for up to $530 and cash prizes for up to $500.

For every $1 in tournament fees and table charges you will receive 2 points.

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VIP Club

Party Poker is offering 4 monthly VIP levels for their players and the top level gives 22,2% Cashback. You can exchange your points for cash bonuses at any time you want. Here is the structure of the VIP Club:

VIP Level: Points required/Month: Rake required:
Bronze 0 0
Silver 50 $25
Gold 750 $375
Palladium 2000 $1000

Bonus: Points: Cashback:
$50 1000 10%
$100 1500 13,3%
$200 1800 22,2%
$500 4500 22,2%
$1000 9000 22,2%

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$20 Free New Player Bonus

Yes, you heard it right!

PartyPoker are giving away $20 free for everyone, who makes a deposit of at least $10. If you are a beginner and want to quickly increase your bankroll with 200%, this is your best shot.

$10 free to play cash games
You can take advantage of the free money to play at any Casual Cash Game of your choice. Choose a level that suits you, from $0.01/$0.02 to $0.10/$0.25.

$10 free to play tournaments
Join the Power Series and win your share of $1.6 million guaranteed in prizes every week! Start your journey with $10 of free tickets:
  • 1 x $5.50 tourney ticket
  • 2 x $2.20 tourney tickets
  • 2 x $1.10 tourney ticket
Terms & Conditions:
  • Your new player bonus of $20 will be awarded within 48 hours of you depositing a minimum of $10 into your partypoker.com account.
  • Players have 14 days to accept the bonus and after this period the bonus offer will be withdrawn.
  • The $20 free bonus on first deposit package expires after 40 days. Subsequently any unused cash bonus or tournament tickets will be removed from the player’s account.
  • The $20 will comprise of a $10 bonus to use on cash games using stakes of up to $0.10/$0.25 and $10 worth of tournament tickets calculated as 1x$5,50, 2x$2,20, 1x$1,10.
  • The $10 cash game bonus package is not withdrawable until after you have earned 20 partypoints.

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Sit & Go Mission

There are two levels of difficulty for the Sit & Go Mission:

1. The EASY has 3 objectives:
  • Play 3 Sit & Go tournaments a day for 3 days
  • Win a hand with TT, JJ, QQ, KK and AA
  • Eliminate 1 player a day for 5 days
Reward: $10 bonus

2. The EXTREME has 3 objectives:
  • Play 5 Sit & Go tournaments a day for 5 days
  • Win a hand with 22, 55, 77, 88 and 99
  • Eliminate 5 players a day for 5 days
Reward: $25 bonus and $5 cash

Terms and Conditions:
  • Go to "Missions" section, select "Sit & Go Mission" EASY or EXTREME and click "Start Mission"
  • If you have an active Mission you'll need to pause it before you can start the Sit & Go Mission

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Cash Game Missions

There are two missions and each of them will give you a $25 cash reward when you complete them. Each Mission has just one objective, but you'll to put some effort to finish it.

Cash Game Mission - Pocket Pairs
The first Mission is about the power of your starting hand. You'll have to win with all the different poker pairs in descending order! That means you've got to start with pocket Aces (AA) and finish with pocket Deuces (22).

Cash Game Mission - Final Hands
The Mission is a quest for one of the elusive hands in poker - the straight flush! Start by winning a showdown with a pair and grind your way up to the straight flush with all the different hand ranks in the right order in between.

If you have an active Mission you'll need to pause it before you can start one of the Cash Game Missions.

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Software update

Partypoker/bwin made a new update to its planned changes to improve the ecology of its poker room.

In the first phase of improvements at the end of 2015 cash game players started joining a room-wide waiting list and being randomly seated when a seat matching their preference became available, plus names of opponents only being shown once the first hand is dealt.

Partypoker/bwin made a second wave of changes in October and they will only affect cash games:

  • Local hand histories will still be available for download however player screen names will be anonymized

  • Players own screen name will be visible, while remaining players will be listed anonymously in download files e.g. Player 1,2,3

  • Players will still be able to view the number of hands they have played, win rate and other statistics to help them improve their play.

  • The terms and conditions will change will change prohibiting the use of seating scripts. Following these amendments, players using any such software will be initially issued with a warning notice before being banned from using their account

  • Alongside these changes, players will be allowed to make a one-off screen name change

* Source: partypoker.com

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